7 Months

Dear Willow

You are well into your seventh month!

You have put on weight! Now weighing 16lbs 3oz you are starting to resemble a small toddler!

You may be small, but you are strong. You have a very tight grip!

You can say Dada, Hiya and Peppa!

You have a tooth! Just one, but it’s there and it assists you with your toast eating.

You roll about, bun shuffle and drag yourself across the floor, but have not quite mastered crawling… yet! We don’t think it will be long though.

You laugh and smile over most things now, you are a very happy little girl!

You love to sit in your high chair, eating. It’s your favourite place to be.

You love your food. You eat almost as much as Gabriel!

You love fruit.

You still get up at least twice in the night for milk, you love to be held and to have cuddles so much, sometimes I think you pretend you want milk just so you can have a cuddle!

You love to play with everything you should not!

You grab everything.

And I mean everything.

Hair, jewellery, food, clothing, skin. You want it, and you want it NOW!

You are so determined, you usually get it!

You love being in water. The bath, a swimming pool or just a paddle, you enjoy them all.

You still like to breastfeed, although your attention span I getting the better of you when our in public, you like to watch people and have a huge fear of missing out on something!

You like to wiggle about

You like it when I sing to you, especially when it’s Hickory Dickory Dock!

You like to scream

You love to shout

You like lights and shiny items.

You sit and watch us dancing and singing with Gabriel, you look very serious and un amused! It’s very funny!

You love ice-cream, and eat a cone of it, often before anyone else has finished.

You sit and watch Peppa Pig and Baby Jake, you laugh along with us.

You love to see Gabriel when you’ve woken up; you always have a smile for him!

You work a crowd, and in the doctor’s surgery last week, six different people told me you were beautiful.

You are a Daddy’s girl. You look around for him, all the time.

You look so much like me that it sometimes I find it strange to look at you! I love that though.

You still like to ‘worm’ into the bed, your feeding pillow or in our arms. You love to get comfy and settled, you actually fall asleep very easily!

We are looking forward to seeing you on the move!

You are growing into a very pretty little girl.

Love from Mummy & Daddy x












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