Hey Mr Tambourine Man

Back in the day, when I had a job and a career I was what we called a ‘learning professional’ which is what you probably call training at your work!

In the world of ‘training’ like all other professions and industries we have lots of theories, models, laws and industry thought leaders. I am therefore very pleased to see Gabriel at two years old has already started to adapt and use some of them!

On Saturday morning Willow grabbed the tambourine that someone kindly (?) bought Gabriel when he was little (although it is better than the drum from our then childless friends!) Willow was waving it and randomly hitting it in a semi co-ordinated way that you’d expect from a fifteen month old.

Gabriel being the aspiring Bez that he is, walked over to Willow and instead of shouting “mine” and snatching it from her, he set about teaching her how to hit the tambourine properly and to a beat (which needless to say was Twinkle Twinkle..)

He showed her how to hit it in the middle to get the best sound and repeatedly and then handed it to Willow to have a go. She tried to copy him, so he took it back again showed her again and handed it over so she could copy. This repeated a few times until we moved into the next thing.

It was lovely to see the kids sharing and playing together but also that Gabriel had learnt the skill of teaching. He’d obviously paid attention at nursery and playgroup and hopefully us and had seen how it’s done.

Demonstrate and copy and repeat it.

Willow spends a lot of her time copying Gabriel but she has had a tendency In the past to be the ring leader in naughtiness and his daft nature takes it to a different level egged on by her giggles. It was great to see his maturity and picking up on this and being able to show his Sister the ‘right’ way to do something. Let’s hope this continues through life!




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