Happy Birthday Matilda Mae & The Very Special Auction!

Today is Matilda Mae’s First Birthday. She should be celebrating with her Mummy and Daddy and her older twin Brother and Sister. Instead she is celebrating in Heaven. Words cannot express how hard this must be for Jennie Edspire and her Family. The only help we can give her to try ease the pain, even a tiny bit is to help keep Matilda’s legacy alive.


There is an auction that is going to be held, in Matilda Mae’s Memory. It will begin on the 11th May 2013 and will remain open for nine days, each representative of a month of Matilda’s life.

It would be wonderful if you could be a part of it- there are lots of amazing items that have been pledged from different Companies (including my own).

Full details regarding the auction can be found by following these links from Edspire and Ghostwriter Mummy

All the details of the prizes will soon be added to the pages above. ALL monies raised will go directly to The Lullaby Trust.


I also just wanted to share a poem I came across, which made me think of Matilda Mae

Birthday in Heaven

It’s your birthday up in heaven,
And I’m wondering what you’ll do.
Will there be a celebration
And a cake to honor you?
Are the kitchen angels busy
Breaking eggs and sifting flour?
Is the angel choir practicing
As it gets close to the hour?
Is there ice cream made from snowflakes
And some candy made from clouds?
Will it be just you and Jesus,
Or all the happy crowds?
I won’t be there to hug you
Or to count and pull your ears,
And I’m sure I’ll feel lonely
As I shed some birthday tears,
But I know your heavenly birthday
Will be your best one ever!
Just remember, I still love you
On your birthday, and forever!

By Connie Faust.

I do hope that you will help us support the Lullaby Trust, in Matilda's memory.

Happy First Birthday Tilda x x

Matilda Mae Memorial Auction



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