As close as hand & feet?




There is a Vietnamese proverb that says Brothers and Sisters are as close as hands and feet!

It is melting my heart to watch Gabriel care for his sister at the moment. He looked concerned when she cries & trys to get her a toy, or a dummy to soothe her.

He also has a nickname for her, ‘Kitkat’ We have no idea where it came from, but it is very, very sweet!

Willow loves to have her face stroked, and watches Gabriel with confusion, but I can tell, it’s true love between them, even though sometimes he does get a little rough!

When I announced my pregnancy with Willow many people said the same thing, ‘it’s a great age gap.. they’ll grow up together’ and I think they were right. They will know each other as they always were, share private jokes, stories and celebrations, they will also share grief, secrets and sadness.

I have such fond memories of my upbringing with my two Brothers. We get on amazingly and share a great bond.


I am just so pleased to have given Gabriel & Willow each other because I can just sense that they are going to be great friends




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