2015. The Year of the Camera

I began blogging almost two years ago now, pretty quickly I was aware of other blogs and what made blogs successful and look pretty. Of course great writing will always take precedent with me, but I was surprised to see that it was often the photography that made a blog stand out from the crowd.

A picture speaks a thousand words after all!

For Christmas last year I received a wonderful present. A D-SLR (Nikon D3200) camera which I had sought after for months. Costing rather a lot of money I knew it was important to learn how to use it, and also use it regularly.

Well I managed at least one of those points, in part. I went on a photography course!

I admit. I just have not used the camera as much as I’d hoped. Perhaps it’s the bulky nature, perhaps it’s that I am just not fully comfortable with it yet, I am not sure. Perhaps it’s a both issues. I have used the camera on special occasions, taken it on holiday and I have some lovely shots as a result, but I want to be better. I want to have thousands of great shots.

So I have realised I need to rectify this issue.

I have decided that 2015 for me, is going to be the year of the camera.

I am going to take part in linkys which focus on photographs. The first being the 365 Project hosted by the lovely BoyandMe. The 365 project is as it sounds, taking a photograph every day for a year. Sounds easy, but I recognise that every single day may be challenging and I acknowledge now that every photograph will NOT be taken on my D-SLR. Luckily I have a Nokia Lumia phone which houses a fantastic camera, this will be used in reserve. I am hoping to rarely use my iphone as the quality is just well, poor.

I want to learn, adapt my style and try new creative options in my photography. I am not very creative naturally and so this is the biggest challenge for me!

Another linky that I intend to join is Living Arrows by Shutterflies which focuses on portraits shots, but as a weekly link up. I would love to make sure I take more portrait photographs of the children as they grow and so this is the perfect opportunity to gather 52 in a lovely memory-creating challenge.

I will also be continuing with my Silent Sunday link up each Sunday too. I am proud that as yet, in two years I have not missed one!

So that’s it. Wish me luck for 2015. The year of the camera.




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