I Have a Coffee-Related Confession

Anyone who knows me will know I adore coffee. The taste, the smell and the caffeine, especially the extra-hot, skinny latte variety.

Well, I have confession to make.

I was doing some calculations last week on my online banking system (although please don’t mistake me for one of those budgeting, organised people, I’m not!) and I noticed a card transaction that appeared over and over again.


Gah! I also have a Starbucks card (yeh, thanks Kip Hakes!) I looked at that too, transaction after transaction.

I added it all up. £57 in total. In less than four weeks I had spent £57 on coffee!


Now last month was tough for me. I had a lot on, and was pretty tired. But I’m not sure anyone can justify £57 worth of takeaway coffee in that short time scale!

I’m ashamed of myself. That money could have been spent on something else. Something for the kids, a new outfit for myself, a hotel stay, or even the month’s diesel!

So. I am making a stand against my coffee shop addiction. I am going to try for the next month, not to buy ANY.

I have purchased some coffee filters from Tesco (AND they were on BOGOF.. ker-ching!) and I will drink those instead. They’re actually really nice, and apart from confusing my colleagues it’s going well.

Each time I fancy buying a coffee I’m going to make a note of it, and at the end of the four weeks, we’ll see how much I have saved. And, more importantly what I buy instead.

Yesterday was tough, as I’d only had two hours sleep, (£4.40 in the pot already) but today I’m feeling more positive! I can do this!

What’s crazy is I would never have realised how much I was spending in there if I hadn’t have randomly checked. It’s so easy to spend £50 in these places and that’s scary. I dread to think how much I’ve spent in the last six months having been back at work!

Loyalty cards offering free drinks, free wifi, comfy surroundings and nice croissants, muffins and over-priced sandwiches. Well Starbucks and Nero, I am having a month off, and then cutting down. No longer will you tempt me with a skinny, extra hot latte. No. Nope.

Actually, I’d love one… GAH!

Do you have a coffee shop addiction?
How much do YOU spend?!



  1. BakedPotato Mummy says

    When I used to work in Canary Wharf, j was spending a fortune in coffee and I was also drinking maned amount of milky calories, even though I was going for the skinny variety.

    When I decided to lose weight before IVF, I cut it back to 2 a week and got a smaller size. I saved so much money and it was a big part of my successful weight-loss. I was still able to have a nice cup at home or from the office kitchen, but it was much cheaper and only had a splash of milk in.

    Good luck with the challenge, I look forward to hearing what you spend the money on x

  2. says

    I’m a self confessed coffee addict, and I probably spend more than this (if that makes you feel any better!). Look into getting a Tassimo machine – cheap, decent coffee and if you drink that instead of going to a coffee shop, you’ll save a fortune in the long run!

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