Nativity 3 Dude, Where’s My Donkey? & Christmas Jumper Day!

This weekend Gabriel and I were very lucky to be invited to a special premiere of Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey? Sadly, because Willow is still recovering from Chicken Pox she stayed at home but this meant Gabriel and I could spend some quality time together, which is rare! So we headed off to the Trafford Centre on Sunday morning for some Christmas- themed fun!

We were asked by the PR company to wear our ‘Yule Togs’ Christmas jumpers, in order to raise awareness of the Save the Children campaign for Christmas Jumper Day 2014. Gabriel loved wearing his Santa got stuck in the chimney jumper, and this meant he also wore a smile all day!


We arrived at 10am and were greeted by two magic balloon modelling elves! Gabriel chose a reindeer design and loved watching the elves make a balloon-reindeer just for him! There were also glitter tattoos on offer and a very special Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey? photograph pop-up studio! So of course we donned our newly acquired Elf hats and posed for some photographs..

After grabbing a quick skinny flat white for Mummy, we went inside the cinema for the premiere showing of the film. Surrounded by popcorn, drinks and treats and a fab Nativity themed advent calendar each we watched the film. If you haven’t seen the previous two Nativity films (I haven’t!) it’s not an issue. The story is based around Mr Shepherd (Martin Clunes) and a variety of mishaps, (including amnesia!) that occur during the planning of his upcoming Christmas themed nuptials in New York. Of course a class of children and the wonderful Mr Poppy (Mark Wootton) support him in his quest to bring back his memory of Christmas and in turn the hand of his fiancé Sophie (Catherine Tate) by way of entering a flash-mob dancing competition. Cue lots of sporadic breaking into song, crazy and amusing dancing and also silly jokes and you’ve got this film in a (ches)nut-shell. (Sorry…)

Martin Clunes is great in the film, and although he does look uncomfortable at times singing, it just adds to the comedy feel. It’s actually pretty funny! For me, the star of the show is young actress Lauren Hobbs who plays his daughter, Lauren. She’s super cute and her beautiful little voice brings magic and that required bittersweet storyline to life in this Christmas film!

Despite the film’s title, there’s actually not that much donkey involved! However the title does allow for a great song in the film, that you’ll be singing for days after! (Dude, Where’s My Donkey?) We both enjoyed watching the dancing, glitz and glamour in the film and also spotting some of our favourite UK attractions such as the London Eye and Drayton Manor which made us smile.

In conclusion I’d definitely recommend spending a few pounds and going to see this film in the next few weeks if you are missing your inner Christmas sparkle! It’s certainly got me feeling all Christmassy and shortly after seeing the film I went and purchased some Christmas gifts. So if you need gift buying motivation perhaps this film is for you too!

It was lovely to hear children of all ages giggling away at the film, and although Gabriel is only three, he sat and watched he film beginning to end with no issues at all (The first time he has done this at the cinema!) and because I believe that actions speak louder than words I will conclude from that, that he really enjoyed it!

After the film Gabriel and I spent some quality time together shopping and having lunch. Gabriel has told me that would like a ‘red robot’ from Father Christmas this year and so we went searching for ideas, in order to give St Nicholas that helping hand he so, so needs! We didn’t find a robot, but we did have lots of fun in Hamleys, and bought Willow a small Bigjigs pink train to add to our collection as she had missed out on the cinema trip.

We had a really nice time together, and I’m so proud of how grown up and well mannered Gabriel has become. He is such lovely, enjoyable company. Wandering around he Trafford Centre with elf hats and Christmas jumpers on may have gained us some funny looks, but it was a lot of fun!


(Please excuse the photo, once the official version can be downloaded it will be swapped!)

Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey? is released on Friday 14th November and will show at cinemas nationwide.

You can find out more about the Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day here and this year, it will be held on Friday 12th December so why not join in the festive fun, and help those children who need it most, by donating and raising awareness. The money raised will help save lives- Just £2 could pay for potentially life-saving antibiotics to treat three babies with infections. AND the more raised, the more children the charity can reach.

Special thanks to Josie for providing us with complimentary tickets for the event. We had a fabulous time!

Just remember.. If you believe, you WILL receive…

Michelle & Gabriel x x


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