Toddlebike Review: Part two

The time has come for our final Toddlebike review!

We’ve had the Toddlebike three months now, and I honestly recommend you buy one if you have a toddler! They really are fantastic and we take ours everywhere!

Our previous review Toddlebike Review Part one  mentioned how Gabriel took a few weeks to master the art of riding the bike correctly, but now there really is no stopping him!

The last hot day we had here we took the Toddlebike to the local park. Gabriel rode all day, and even took his clothing off to ride later in the afternoon!






We tend to keep the Toddlebike in the car so it’s always ready for those ‘Refusing to get in the pram but also refusing to walk’ moments! Gabriel has recently learnt to say ‘BIKE’ and so he generally asks me to take it out of the boot if he wants to play on it, he knows exactly where it’s kept!

I am going to buy one for Willow so this means we can keep one in the house too, because it is as much use inside, as it is out! Gabriel loves riding next to the pram out and about as much as riding round the house!



Recently we took the Toddlebike on holiday with us. We stayed at Meadowbank Caravan Park in Christchurch Gabriel just loved to ride his bike in their grounds. So many passersby asked us where we had bought the bike from. Everyone seems to have the same reaction, it’s so simple, yet such a great idea. Most seem to love the fact that Gabriel can carry the bike himself, which is so unlike all the Smart Trikes available. Being on holiday meant that Gabriel could try different terrains with the bike. Grass, sand, tarmac, gravel and un-even park trails were all no trouble for the Toddlebike!



Gabriel became particularly attached to the wooden wendy house within the park, and of course that meant the Toddlebike did too! Gabriel was able to lift the bike in and out, and up and over obstacles with ease. He has also recently mastered the art of riding up and down huge inclines.

Gabriel’s confidence as grown so much with the Toddlebike, he lifts his legs up when riding down hills and picks up some real speed! He laughs and giggles so much when he’s on it, so I know he loves it! I think the Toddlebike will be a firm favourite in our house for a long time to come!



If you are interested in buying a Toddlebike they are available for purchase HERE

The bikes are sturdy and durable, made in Europe, TUV and CE-approved with a 3-year guarantee

We were sent a Toddlebike to review and were asked offer an objective review as part of their Summer 2013 trial



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