Play That Funky (Giraffe) Music

Ever since I saw a lady in Marks & Spencer’s shopping with her baby way back in 2010 I have loved the Funky Giraffe bibs collection. The baby was gorgeous, but he looked mega cool sporting what looked like to me as some sort of well, funky baby neckerchief style bib. I wasn’t even pregnant, but I wanted to be, so I asked the Mother,

‘Where on earth did you find that amazing bib??’

‘Oh it’s a Funky Giraffe bandana bib’ she replied.

I remembered. I may have a memory like a sieve when it comes to my chores but when it comes to shopping for ace things. I’m THERE.

In June 2011 Gabriel was born. I’d of course purchased twenty five Funky Giraffes in full preparation for his arrival.
Yes, twenty five. And, turns out we used them ALL.

Funky Giraffe bibs are great for all ages. From Birth right up to age well, Gabriel still uses them and he is three. For me, they look much cooler than a ‘baby bib’ and if you’re smart, they can often look like part of your child’s outfit!

What I love about Funky Giraffe is their choice. So many great designs, but they’re clever. They make it hard to choose! They’re all unisex too, which I like having because I have a girl and a boy, and they share things!

Willow came along in 2013 and I was adamant. I didn’t want her dressed head to toe in pink and frills. It’s not my style, and thankfully it certainly wasn’t hers either. When it came to perusing the Funky Giraffe collection again, I wasn’t disappointed. There were new designs! Hurray! I again slipped twenty into my basket and we were good to go. We also still had most of Gabriel’s to ‘hand down’ too!


The kids have always seemed to enjoy wearing their Funky Giraffes, whereas with other bibs they pull them straight off, so I guess they’re comfy and not irritating to wear! The bibs certainly feel very soft, and even with constant washing (believe me, they’ve been washed, a lot!) they have remained in great condition. Price wise, I think they’re really reasonable. They’re long lasting and compared to their competitors, they’re much cheaper.

In times of teething, and constant dribble, I have been so grateful of Funky Giraffe. Willow is struggling at the moment and the bibs have met a dry t-shirt for her, and made her much more comfortable. A friend of mine’s child dribbled a lot, and I mean a lot. I recommended the bibs to her and although she likes them she did say she had to ‘double up’ the bibs. But, it was the best item she had tried and she was happy with this. The great thing about the bibs is, that if you wanted to double them up, you can! Willow is teething at the moment, so when we were asked to review some I jumped at the chance. You can never have TOO MANY Funky Giraffes after all


I like that Funky Giraffe bibs are ethically sourced. It’s a great selling point for me as I am a supporter of Fair Trade. So fancy great quality, funky designs and good value? Then play that Funky Giraffe music in your house too.

Funky Giraffe bibs are available on their website here with a very special offer of five beautiful bibs for just £11.25!


Disclosure: We were sent five Funky Giraffe bibs to review, however this is MY review and is written honestly. All links added were because I love them so.



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