Lumi Potti: Review Part One!

A couple of months ago we were asked to review a Lumi Potti. At the time we had decided to potty train both Gabriel and Willow together because, it seemed the most sensible solution. Willow is very hands on, quite smart and at just eighteen months old so has been copying Gabriel for months so ‘gets’ the whole toilet game. Gabriel on the other hand is very different, he does not like change. We started potty training him at age two, but we have gone slowly. He much prefers and responds well to this type of learning and we have found he responds to change in his own time. It there’s one thing I have learnt as a parent, it’s that a child will learn to hit their milestones when they are ready. There really is no point trying to force learning! If your child doesn’t seem ready for a potty. Stop, and try again in a few months. There’s no rush, after all it is not a race.


We were sent a green Lumi Potti and as soon as I opened the packaging I knew that it was something we would use and like. I was if I am honest surprised at the price (£23.99) as I had felt it was too expensive for a potty, but it really is great quality and designed well. We have four other pottys in the house, all different designs! We have a seat incorporating a potty, a traditional white potty, a Disney ‘Cars’ potty and also a travel potty and I can honestly say, out of them all both Gabriel and Willow always ask for the ‘green one Mummy’ which is of course, the Lumi Potti, and the reason for that I can only assume is that it’s the most comfortable to sit on. Both of them have loved nothing more than to sit on the potty watching their favourite television programme!

Getting down to business with the potty was pretty easy. We put it in the living room and the kids just took it in turns to sit on it. (Mainly shouting, ‘wee wee, wee wee!’) We wanted the change to be relaxed and something that the kids didn’t become stressed about. The potty is easy to empty and clean too, which is useful! I was also pleased to see that the potty is made from anti- microbial plastic and is also made in the UK.

It became apparent very quickly that Gabriel was perfectly ready for wearing pants. He took to it like a duck to water, and sitting on the Lumi Potti both morning and night soon became his routine. Often, wearing silly hats or his pants on his head for the occasion.



Gabriel is daft, and has a wonderful sense of humour. Even sat on his potty he likes to make us laugh! Willow on the other hand likes to take the Lumi Potti into the playroom or behind the settee and sit on it, for a much more private experience. Whilst Gabriel was fully ready for the change, and went from potty to being dry all day and night in a matter of days, Willow is still learning. She is still wearing nappies, but also using the potty. We won’t rush her, because it’s her own journey as far as we are concerned. She understands the process, but for her it is the physical aspect of pulling her pants down and actually getting onto the potty confidently that she needs to master!

The Lumi Potti has a light at the back of the potty. It’s movement sensor operated and the idea is that your child can use the potty at night easily. The idea is that once the potty is no longer needed the light can also be used as a night light, which I think is sweet feature. Although, as yet, we have not needed to use this feature however please watch out for part two of the review where we will be focusing on the night light, and also reporting Willow’s progress on her potty training journey!

If you’d like to buy a Lumi Potti, there is a special offer on at the moment where you can purchase one from Amazon for just £19.99.


Rachael, the inventor of Lumi Potti has written a ‘Dry Feet Guide’ to help you through all the stages of potty training, how to work out of they are ready before you start and a guide for day and night potty training. There are also parents’ notes to help you get the most from the guide. As well as the guide you will also receive your very own free printable potty training charts; one to get your little one ready for potty training, plus day and night-time too.

To receive your free printable guide and training charts all you need to do is sign up to our newsletter on the Lumi Potti website



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    I’m really interested in this, and how you’re getting on with Willow. Nancy is 18mths and is just starting to recognise when she goes. We are taking things slowly too and I agree with what you say, everyone’s journey is different. Will look out for part 2!

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    Well done to them both, I keep meaning to get the potty out the loft for Sam just to get him used to the idea. Loving Gabriel’s head wear haha, we have that bus top too :) Will have to keep that potty name in mind as Alex’s one was a bit rubbish! x

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