Funky tights for boys! A review for Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique

Tights for boys. Yes you heard it correctly! If you have not heard of Slugs & Snails boy’s tights then you must check them out soon. They claim ‘Bright Tights for Bold Boys!’ and they stick to their word!


Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique are one of Slugs & Snails stockists, and I’d noticed them being advertised. I admit, I was dubious when I read about ‘Boys tights’ but I was also curious. I wanted to try them on Gabriel, so I was delighted when the lovely Claire from Itsy Bits asked me if he would like to review some for her!

The Slugs & Snails plan was to make flexible legwear for little dudes. Unlike jeans and trousers, tights allow the child the freedom to bend and move freely and in a way that conventional trousers just don’t allow!

Although Gabriel is almost two and a half, we have many times searched for that lost sock in the car, pram or supermarket and frustratingly never located it! So a solution at last, wear these gorgeous amazing tights under trousers! We also found that when Gabriel was in the baby carrier his trousers end up somewhere behind their knee making for very cold little legs. Slugs & Snails tights eliminate all these problems which make warm, happy Children!

We were sent a pair of Slugs & Snails ‘Hampton’ and they bring the old to the new, these beautiful baby blue tights have a classic sail boat detail which makes them perfect for more “dressy” occasions too. They look fab with a nice pair of blue shorts, under trousers or all on their own.

Gabriel looked fab hanging around in his!


What’s great about these tights is that they have anti-slip soles, an amazing stretch in them, the pattern goes all the way up to the waistband and they sport a funky Slugs & Snails logo on the back panel too.

These funky tights are made from 75% cotton, 20% polyamide, 5% elastane and come supplied in a very cute box, so perfect for stocking fillers or other gifts.

The fabulous Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique have a wonderful special offer on for the festive period, buy two pairs of Slugs & Snails tights for just £20 with free delivery! Go to Itsy Bits now and grab some, although good luck narrowing your choice down to just one pair (We now have five designs!) Check out all the different designs HERE

We were sent a complimentary pair of Slugs & Snails tights for the purpose of this review.

Itsy Bits also retail the most beautiful array of rainbow coloured frilly pants.Please do check them out!



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