Bibisili Bibs! A Review

Since we have been weaning Willow we have been on the look out for a washable bib, that can be worn without being a ‘cover all’ type.

We have found the answer.. Bibisili bibs.

Bibisili bibs are made from 100% silicone food grade material, and are also Lead, BPA and Phthalates free.The material is non toxic, odourless, flexible and harmless to baby’s skin, suitable for babies age six months plus. For variety, these bibs come in twelve different colourful animal prints!

We were asked by Bibisili last month to review one of their bibs, and we were delighted to say yes.


We chose ‘Sammy Seal’ who comes in red and has a very friendly face! It’s a really bright red, and I love that all the bibs are very bright!

The bibs have a built-in crumb catcher, an adjustable neck (which came in handy for us as this meant we could use for either of our Children!). The bibs also roll up, meaning there’s lots of room in the changing bag for other baby related items!

We have used the bib for the last few weeks and would definitely recommend them! It has saved us lots if washing, and meant we could avoid using disposable bibs when out and about. The built-in crumb catcher is great for Baby Led Weaning too, meaning when Willow has dropped her food she can simply retrieve it from Sammy Seal!

Willow loves to feed herself, but will not wear larger bibs, or cover all types, especially in hot weather. This bib is lightweight enough to wear, but seems really strong too. It’s particularly useful when Willow is eating ice-cream!


The bib simply either wipes or washes clean. I usually rinse the bib under the tap, but the bib is dishwasher safe too!

The bibs are both soft AND durable so I am sure it will be a well used product in the Crowtherclan household for some time yet!

Bibisili bibs retail at £6.99 each and are available to purchase at


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