A Very Special Nioxin Event!

Last night I was very lucky to be invited to a special event held at the very gorgeous Russell Eaton hair salon in Leeds. The event was to promote the Nioxin brand, and their wonderful hair products.

On arrival I was greeted with a glass of champagne (my kind of welcome!) and whilst I sat waiting for the other guests to arrive, I had a look around the salon and met some of the team members.

Once the others had arrived, including my lovely friend Claire we were given a small and informal introduction about Nioxin. Basically, it’s a product developed for those with problem, thinning hair or scalp concerns. Due to the fact that pregnancy messes with our hormones and hair growth (those pesky babies eh!) us Mummies are often left with not only broken hairs, especially at the front of our heads! But also thin hair and problematic scalps.

I for one have suffered with scalp issues since I was pregnant for the first time. After a pregnancy it can take a few years for your scalp and hair to return to it’s original condition, so as I have two pretty much consecutive pregnancies, and my scalp still isn’t back to normal, I was delighted to hear about Nioxin and was keen to see how it may help me!

Each guest had a consultation, over more champagne, of course! We each used the easy to use Nioxin wheel along with the assistance of the staff. I was a ‘5’. This meant although my hair was normal thinning wise, it is coloured at the roots and so that system would be best for me to maximise my hair growth and condition.

Next came the NIOscope. Yes! An actual magnified look at our scalps. I didn’t know whether to be intrigued or freaked out. Turns out I did both! The photographs taken of your scalp magnified are not pretty, but it was interesting to see. Both Claire and I had clear ‘product build up’ on our scalps and whilst we have good healthy, thick hair we were advised we would both benefit from the Nioxin Dermabrasion treatment.

The Nioxin Dermabrasion is essentially is what it sounds. An ‘exfoliation’ of the scalp. Claire had it done last night as I watched and I have booked in for my treatment in a few weeks time. The treatment was placed on Claire’s scalp and gently massaged. It smelt divine! She then received a lovely head, shoulder and neck massage (which is standard at Russell Eaton Salons after rinse and wash, and sporting an amazing looking towel turban Claire was then given a fab blow dry and left feeling with a fresh scalp and fabulous looking hair.



The NIOscope was then used again on Claire’s scalp and the the difference was quite spectacular. I can’t wait to have my Nioxin Dermabrasion treatment done now!

We were given a goodie bag to take home, to try the Nioxin products (shampoo, conditioner and also scalp spray) for thirty days too, so I will be posting an update and review on these soon. What’s great about the #30daychallenge is that if you aren’t totally satisfied, Nioxin offer a full money back guarantee, so you can’t lose!

The Nioxin Dermabrasion treatment is available in Russell Eaton Salons and costs just £15, which I think is very reasonable for a healthy scalp and hair condition improvement. Why not give it a go?

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