On Friday I took the day off work. Dave was busy working and so I took the tiny two out for the afternoon. We needed groceries, and so I bargained with them that if we went to Morrisons, I would buy them lunch out and we’d go to the park afterwards. They seemed pretty pleased with the idea and so off we went.

We went and had a nice lunch and then headed to Morrisons to buy supplies for the week. For the last years I have been working full-time I have mostly been shopping online and just nipping into the various supermarkets after work, but I’d been so busy and a little unorganised this week! Whilst I was on Maternity Leave, I spent a lot of time in supermarkets. It was a way of getting out of the house on those long Winter days, and it was also a way of speaking to an adult when I had two children under eighteen months!

But now, supermarkets are a pain. Taking two toddlers who refuse to sit in the trolley and insist on touching every packet of cheese, or throwing every packet of biscuits from the shelf onto the floor.. can be a little bit stressful.

But, on Friday. I realised something. Now the toddlers can talk, I can reason with them. I can bargain with them and I can explain my reasoning to them. So, I did.

‘You two can sit in the trolley next to each other because I need two very special people to drive it around the supermarket’ I lied.

They jumped around with glee and climbed in. I was more than pleased with myself at this point. Not once in the last twelve months have they agreed to SIT IN A TROLLEY!!!!!

‘We’re driving! We’re driving! Brum!’ They shouted. Gabriel even donned a fake steering wheel using a sweet potato, bless him.

I pushed the trolled around and grabbed what we needed. But my smug feeling was short-lived.

As I placed some tofu into the trolley, Gabriel told me ‘We need TWO of everything Mummy, because there is TWO of us. We need one each’

‘Erm.. no Gabey we don’t.. you can take it in turns to put items in the trolley for me’ I said, hoping that he would accept what I was saying.

‘NO NO NO!’ he screamed and then Willow piped up ‘TWO Mummy..TWO!’ They started chanting and shouting, loudly. I laughed which probably didn’t help. They were not backing down. I tried, believe me I tried, but nope. They wanted two of every item.

I pondered for a moment. The shop was busy. I needed probably only ten more items, would it really hurt if we got two of everything? I couldn’t believe that I was agreeing, but I’d weighed it up-it was worth it to keep the peace.


So we did. We bought two of most things. (I did manage to sneak a few items back to the shelves!)

But essentially, I gave in. However the kids were happy and I suppose that’s the most important thing. Plus, all the vegetables and fruit we bought will get eaten!

Though this is something I’ve learnt. Sometimes as a Mummy, it’s just best to give in. (and not take two toddlers grocery shopping..)



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