The ‘Oh Shit!’ Zone

Today I drove to Pembrokeshire with my two children. All alone with them, in the car for six hours. When I think about it I wonder what on earth I was thinking- but it was either that, or miss out on a much needed holiday and break from work! My job is stressful and I know I do not always acknowledge this or relax anywhere enough, so I took the opportunity.

Holidays are amazing. I love being away from home! I love being at home too, but I really think holidays refresh the soul. I’m hoping that Bluestone Wales does this for me this coming week. Prior to having children I would holiday a LOT. Caribbean, all inclusive.. you name it. My sun tan was a given most of the year and it was a great life. I rarely felt stressed! But now I look down at my pale (but still olive) skin tone, and I see the black rings around my eyes from the lack of sleep in the last few months, I recognise I needed a break. Bluestone came to my rescue! A few months ago, I was offered the chance to holiday at this wonderful resort in exchange for a review. I jumped at the chance, I’d always wanted to visit Pembrokeshire, so why not I thought?!


So here I am. Sat in my wonderful lodge within the beautiful National Park of Pembrokeshire, and whilst I am feeling a little nervous about holidaying alone with two toddlers, I feel liberated! I drove myself here, I planned, packed and unpacked our things myself and I will ensure we have a good time. I’m out of my comfort zone- in fact I’m in the ‘Oh shit’ zone. But, ultimately what can go wrong?

The ‘Oh Shit’ zone is a concept that I first heard about at a conference a few years back, and I loved it instantly. The theory is, that to live your life to the maximum, and to better yourself or learn/adapt you have to enter the ‘Oh shit’ zone once in a while. Of course, everyone’s ‘Oh shit’ zones will differ. For some, public speaking would terrify them, and so setting themselves a challenge or being asked to speak would most probably as an end result make them feel great. It can be anything- but basically something that makes you feel initially uncomfortable!

Holidaying alone at a family-orientated resort, is my ‘Oh shit!’ zone. Ultimately, I think my main issue was the journey and the dread of it being difficult! But, it wasn’t. At times (particularly the forth play of the Frozen soundtrack) it was frustrating, but it really was fine, and hearing Willow singing her heart out along with the music was so very cute! But now I’m here, I’m starting to feel the stress of making all the decisions. I had to unload the car and move it back to the carpark, with the kids and then walk in the dark to try locate the lodge (again). Also, when Willow vomited in the car whilst I was negotiating the M6 toll, it was hard to calm her and clean her up as quickly as I’d have liked. But, we can only do what we can do, as parents I suppose!

I think as a family, you take this kind of stuff for granted! Life is tough for a parent alone on holiday with toddlers. Take it from me! But, luckily people have been lovely and friendly. And, helpful! There are also lots of other bloggers here at Bluestone this week, I feel less lonely knowing that- even if we do not meet up! Gabriel and Willow will keep me on my toes and busy during the day, and in the evening I shall sit and enjoy the ‘Me’ time. Tonight I’ve read my book, had a fabulous bath and drank wine. It’s been therapeutic, and lovely. Also, may I add, Bluestone really do have the best baths ever! Just what I needed after the long drive. Perfect.


Watch this space to see how I get on, coping in the ‘Oh shit!’ zone this week. Wish me luck.



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