The End of My Stay at Home Daddy Experience!

They think it’s all over…. It is now. My time as a stay at home dad has come to an end after almost a year. I’ve been offered a job and I’m returning to work. The job is essentially the same one that I left last year in the office practically next door.

I’m returning to work nervous and excited but also with a sense of purpose. My last job had been my place of work through my 20s and most of my 30s. I’m now coming to work as a Father and a Husband rather than a wannabe student. I’m looking for different things now from the workplace. I feel refreshed and full of ideas and idealism.

I also return to work after a fantastic period of my life. I can’t in this blog ever give justice to the good times that I’ve had with the kids. But it has been a privilege to spend so much time with them. They’ve grown up so much in that time and it’s been amazing to see that happen. We now have chats and jokes. We do singing and dancing. We play with the kid’s friends.

When I started all this Willow was only a baby! Now she walks, talks and is potty training!

Personally I’ve grown as a person. I understand kids more and feel I have developed an empathy with them. I’m confident in talking to and playing with other people’s children; even girls!

Going to playgroup was my biggest fear and I have felt accepted there now, especially since the turn of the year. I know people locally and stop and chat to other parents that I now know. This is a positive in a town where I don’t know many people outside my immediate circle!

But time is now moving on. Michelle has finished her studying, Gabriel is now three and awaiting his free place in education and Willow is a confident little girl who needs to do something other than hang round with Daddy every day. I’m starting to feel redundant at playgroup as the kids need me less and less and I’m becoming a referee at home to break up squabbles.

If anyone reading this is thinking of becoming a stay at home Dad or your family is considering reversing traditional roles. I say do it.

It’s hard.

It can be lonely.

It can be frustrating but ultimately it’s worth it!

I know my kids better than I ever imagined I would and I hope that we have created a special bond that will last forever, even if the kids don’t remember Daddy being at home for a year.

Sadly though, it’s time to be ‘normal’ again.




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