Infasense Justafit Sleepsuits: A Review

Infasense Ltd was born in June 2012 with the aim of creating sensible yet innovative products to make life with younger children easier and safer. No two babies are the same and one size doesn’t fit all. Some 12 month old babies need an 18-24 month size, others a 9-12 month size. A Justafit velcro sleepsuit adjusts to fit, is hard-wearing and lasts longer, and we think they are fabulous!


What Infasense told us…

In partnership with a local company, Centreline Design Ltd, the Justafit velcro adjustable sleepsuits are the first products to be launched.The Justafit range was developed after a comment made by our midwife on a home visit. Our eldest son Nicholas was 17 months old when our daughter Lois was born. Bedtime was approaching when our midwife visited for a routine check-up and Nicholas was ready for bed in his sleepsuit. She commented on the dangers presented by the sleepsuit legs being too long and how he would trip and fall.

The Infasense Family have been experiencing this problem for a while, and it included a number of trips and tumbles as well as frustrated faces and whinges as he was standing on the fabric of one sleepsuit leg with the other foot! Baby Infasense’s sleeves were also too long and kept dipping in his breakfast! They were unable to find any existing solutions or products in the shops to help us, so decided to create their own!

We were recently asked to review an Infasense Sleepsuit. As soon as it arrived, we were impressed with the gorgeous mulberry colour sleepsuit and how soft it was. I have to admit I was a little curious as to how the sleepsuit fastened, and how it was safe, hygienic, economical and comfortable.


We opened the pack and dressed Willow into the babygrow after her bath. The babygrow was slightly loose on her around the feet and arms, we simply took the Velcro straps and fastened them up. Instantly we had a baby grow that fit perfectly! Willow straight away seemed comfortable as she wriggled about happily and we were impressed with the quality of the material.

Willow has now worn the sleepsuit on several occasions, and seems to very much like it! She can dance and toddle around wearing it, without tripping over excess material and hurting herself. The sleeves also tighten to ensure that it doesn’t stain whilst she’s eating, which is a great plus point because we have so many babygrows and tops that have been ruined by baby led weaning! Willow has also slept in the babygrow and was happy snuggled into her sleeping bag wearing it!

Justafit velcro sleepsuits are comfortable and long-lasting. The adjustable ankle and wrist detail put safety first for your little explore. Infasense claim that they are making life better for Parents, and we agree that they are!


These gorgeous babygrows are available in teal, turquoise, mulberry, pearl and ultramarine and cost £19.99 for a pack of two. Take a look here


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