Blossom. The Fairtrade Bear!



Today I gave Willow a present. A crochet bear. We’ve decided to call her Blossom!

The bear is from my most favourite range of baby and toddler soft toys, Pebble.

Pebble toys are Fairtrade. Something which I am passionate about. In fact, I always try to buy Fairtrade products where possible. Pebble toys provide good quality, secure, local and flexible employment for women in rural areas of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka providing an alternative path to poverty alleviation. All their products are hand made by talented artisans in rural production centres and are so lovely, eye catching and different!

Willow smiles so much when next to Blossom! Gabriel cuddles her, and even insisted on taking her to Asda today!

For a while I’ve been after giving my Children a present that they will cherish forever and I think we’ve just found it!

I am most definitely going to buy the ‘boy bear’ for Gabriel to match! Now… what to name him!??!


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