A Little Holiday to Menorca

Well the day finally arrived! Today we are flying to Menorca for a little holiday in the sun! The last few months have been hectic, stressful at work and also pretty eventful all round so it’s been great to have a break coming up to focus on.

I’m a firm believer that sunshine is good for my soul. The feel of the sun’s heat on my face and back, the relaxed atmosphere of the beach and the fun of enjoying a gin and tonic aperitif are all parts of this holiday that I am looking forward to! But, I’m also looking forward to switching off, reading my books, (listening to music that I want to listen to!) and also the biggy… spending quality time with my family. My Mum, her husband Mark and my Grandma are coming with us, we have a villa with our own pool so it’s a chance to just enjoy each other’s company and relax together. The kids can run free and we can all enjoy some ‘me’ time.

Life is busy, time is short and holidays in the sun are few and far between for me since having two children, so I intend to enjoy it and make the most of the opportunity! I am also really thankful and will be eternally to my Mum and Mark for helping this holiday become possible!

I’m intending on using some of my time to catch up with this blog, I’ve missed writing a lot in the last few months and so intend to get back to where I was eventually. Thank you to my readers who have stayed and viewed standard content regardless, for checking in with me and for commenting and re commenting on posts (That’s a shout to you MDP!)

So that’s it- watch this space for holiday spam and updates. Let’s get this break started!



Living Arrows Week #18

So I’ve been a little busy recently but I am attempting to get back into the blogging slowly but surely! I’m also attempting to catch up with my favourite blog linkies too and one of those is Living Arrows!

Living Arrows is all about lovely children’s portraits, and each week publishing one of our favourites. So this week, week 18- it’s Gabriel’s turn.

I admit I have cheated slightly, I didn’t take the photograph- my Dad did but I really love it. This weekend both Gabriel and Willow visited my Dad and his wife Kath at their home and they got the chance to have a nosey in their new (ish) campervan. As you can see, Gabriel loved it! Especially pretending the drive it, in fact they loved it so much, the even ate their dinner sat at the table inside, much to my amusement! It’s great to see the kids being excited to visit their grandparents and for them to have their own adventures in the camper! I’m hoping one day, if my Dad allows it, I may have a little spin in it myself!

I love the way Gabriel smiles, he’s grin is utterly infectious and never fails to make me laugh. He’s a happy soul and also a loving little boy, albeit sometimes quite bossy! (No idea where he gets that from..) Can’t quite believe he will be four soon, and in September heading to school too!

So here we have week 18- campervan smiles.


Living Arrows


Exciting News: Peppa Pig’s Surprise LIVE!

I have a fabulous announcement for you all.. There is a brand new Peppa Pig live show coming to a theatre near you this Autumn and it’s aptly called PEPPA PIG’S SURPRISE!

The tour will be across the UK & Ireland between the 24th October and the 26th November initially, however more dates are to be announced. The show will tour for fifteen months and will include a sixth consecutive Peppa Pig Christmas West End run, which will be the perfect festive treat from some super cute puppets!


If you’re a regular reader of this blog you will know that we love Peppa Pig, and having reviewed the Peppa Pig Live show last year in Blackpool, we had a fabulous time! Gabriel and Willow both like the show, which is great for us all as it means we can all
have a shared experience of fun at the theatre, despite them both only being toddlers! (Although of course, almost four years old and ready for school
Gabriel is actually a big boy!) You can read our review of last year’s show here!

The show itself is about a lovely day where Peppa is playing outside with her friends. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig have got a surprise for her and her younger brother George but no matter how hard they try, they cannot guess what it is.

Audiences will enjoy interactive fun, games and, of course, surprises. This charming, colourful new show features new songs and new life-size puppets. The show promises to be the perfect theatre show for all pre-schoolers, and is suitable for ages 3+ (however last year we took Willow age 19 months and she loved it!) Here are some photographs from the last few year’s shows, to give you an idea of how fantastic the costumes are, and how appealing they will be to your children!


Richard Lewis once again has adapted for stage episodes from the hit TV show, created by Astley Baker Davies, and he also directs. He has done the same for all three Peppa Pig live stage shows: Peppa Pig’s Party (2009 -2011), Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt (2011-2012) and Peppa Pig’s Big Splash (2013-2014).

In the next few months I will as usual be hosting a wonderful competition for my readers and their friends, where a family ticket to a show of your choice will be up for grabs, so watch this space! We will also be reviewing the show too, so we are very excited about that!

Why not keep social with Peppa and her friends? You can follow the show’s progress and keep up to date with news and competitions on the Peppa Pig Live Twitter account which is @peppapiglive You can visit the show’s website for further information too!

UK & IRELAND TOUR 2015 – 2016


Fri 24 at 1 & 4 pm​​​​​
Sat 25 at 10 am, 1 & 4 pm
Sun 26 at 10 am & 1 pm


Sat 31 at 1 & 4 pm​​​​​
Sun 1 at 2.30 & 4.30 pm


Wed 28 & Thurs 29 at 10 am, 1 & 4 pm​​​


Wed 4 at 1 & 4 pm
Thurs 5 at 10 am & 1 pm


Sat 7 at 10 am, 1 & 4 pm​​​​​
Sun 8 at 10 am & 1 pm


Wed 11 at 10 am, 1 & 4 pm​​​​
Thurs 12 at 10 am & 1 pm


Sat 14 at 10 am, 1 & 4 pm​​​​​
Sun 15 at 10 am & 1 pm


Wed 18 at 1 & 4 pm​​​​​
Thurs 19 at 10 am & 1 pm


Sat 21 & Sun 22 at 10 am, 1 & 4 pm​​​​


Wed 25 & Thurs 26 at 1 & 4 pm​​​​


Tour dates for 2016 to be announced so watch this space for a further announcement!


To My Children: There is Always More Love

I write this to you my beautiful children. You are both independent, strong willed and determined just as I am. Knowing this make my heart smile, always. It ensures me that I know you will not only succeed in life, but that you will be happy. You are both different people, you have different strengths (and weaknesses) but you have one thing in common, the shear amount of adoration and unconditional love that I have for you both.

Happiness comes in many forms, but ultimately you have to be happy within yourself; with your decisions and also the way in which you conduct yourself.
As your parent, I have done things I’m especially proud of, I have been successful and I have also held many powerful, happy and meaningful relationships, both romantically and within friendship. But I have also done things I am not proud of. We all have, and I would never try tell you otherwise. The fact of the world is that people can be not very nice to each other, usually out of selfishness- in order to better themselves or their own lives. Perhaps these actions aren’t always meant to hurt as much as they do and done purely because they do not like you as a person, or that they do not care about you; perhaps it’s punishment or even karma. Either way, you both should know that this happens, and I want to assure you that although it will happen to you, you that you are strong and if you keep your dignity and head held high, you will find happiness again. You will move on (it make take time, and be painful) but you will. You will find happiness again!

But what happens when you do things your not proud of? Or people close to you treat you in a way that you are not happy with, or makes you feel stressed, emotional or angry? What happens when people break your heart, lie and deceive you and make you feel like your world is collapsing within your soul?

The answer is nothing.

Nothing happens.

Life goes on. People’s lives do not change because your heart is broken or you’ve been hurt or feel angry. It is something that although you will always have support from those close to you, that you have to deal with inside your heart. But I want to tell you- it will heal; because you will have no choice. You are both strong and you I know that whilst these events may change you as a person, they will also feed your soul and make you who you are ready for your next chapter. Life is all about developing, adapting and becoming, what ever it throws at you, you will be strong.

Life is made up of many chapters. I hope you can see that within my life there have been many and despite there being unhappiness in each, there has also been laughter, love and also wonderful memories made. Each chapter has made me who I am today, and you will create your own story.

So both of you, be happy within your life and relationships. Do not make do, or feel as though you must settle. If you are not fully satisfied or ever feel mistreated, threatened or suffer irreparable hurt- walk away. No one, and no circumstances are worth wasting your precious life and wonderful chances. No person ever has the right to mistreat you, nor do you ever deserve to be punished.

You are both my world and I want you both to be happy, whatever path you choose, whatever life you lead- it is your choice. But please, be happy with yourself, your life and the people you trust. You will make mistakes and I will be there to help you fix them, but never have regrets. Know that I am always here for you, regardless.

There is always more love. Even if it feel like the end of the world, you feel worthless and you begin to question everything you believe in. There is always more love.

Mummy x x



Brewers Fayre Keighley: A Review

On Friday we were invited to attend a morning of Easter-related fun and crafts in their ‘fun factory’ and playing followed by a tasty lunch at our local Brewers Fayre Dalesway restaurant in Keighley. I asked my best friend Caroline to accompany us and so off we went to sample their delights! Caroline and I used to frequent the restaurant many moons ago, for girlie meals out and various hangover curing meals in our youth, so we were intrigued to find out what the new re-vamped menu was like, and also more importantly what the kid’s menu and facilities were like, to ensure both Gabriel and Willow had a good time!

We arrived about 11am and headed straight to the indoor play area. Gabriel and Willow immediately went off to play and Caroline and I managed to have a catch up. There are two areas in the play area; a toddler area for under threes and the larger area for those over a meter tall. Gabriel loved exploring and although the play area doesn’t look that big from outside, having been inside to rescue a ‘stuck Willow’ I was pleasantly supposed and how much fun it was, and actually quite confusing!! Unfortunately the ‘Director of Play’ wasn’t able to be there on the day of our visit, which meant the Easter activities were minimal, however the replacement staff were lovely and helpful. We’d really like to return again in the school holidays to check out the fun that they offer, because the facilities for crafts related fun looked good!

After an hour of so of playing we were shown to our table. The kids were hungry, bit luckily there wasn’t too long a wait!



Having had a good scan of all the menus, Gabriel and Willow decided on the new ‘Beano Meal Deal’ this meant either two or three courses for around £5/6 which actually I think is really good value. The kids are huge fans of soup so for starters they chose that, and Caroline and I decided to share two adult starters on the ‘two for £2.50′ daytime deal- which essentially meant buy one get one free, a great saving!


The kid’s starters arrived in their mini bowls and accompanying ciabatta! They plates were also lined with colourful Beano wrapping, which was a nice touch, less boring than just a porcelain plate! Caroline and I tucked into our spicy Jerk potato wedges and garlic mushrooms whilst the kids enjoyed their soup.





After just a short wait, our main courses arrived. I’d chosen vegetarian sausages for both Gabriel and Willow. I like that the restaurant offers vegetarian sausages and doesn’t just provide the standard ‘tomato pasta’ for vegetarian children! Gabriel chose peas and Willow chose beans to accompany their chips! I also really like the way you can amend or change the range of sides for the kids meals. This is a good addition as so many places can be let’s say, awkward about it and we all know that toddler’s requests can be somewhat challenging at times!

Caroline chose a South West Chicken Burger and I went for the Cheese and Caramelised Onion Quiche. The adult meals again were on a daytime special
offer, two meals for £10 which we thought was reasonable! The meals were tasty and the portion sizes were fair. Rather hilariously, Gabriel suddenly decided to sit away from us at the next dinner table! He throughly enjoyed his meal though!





Once we had finished our meals, the sun had come out! Brewers Fayre Keighley has a good sized outdoor
play area and so we took our refillable drinks outside and sat enjoying the glorious sunshine! The kids loved playing on the outdoor slide and climbing frame, the only suggestion I would make would be to perhaps add some apparatus for older toddlers, as Gabriel did seem torn between the small area and was not quite tall enough for the ‘age 6+’ area.





Over all we had a lovely afternoon and the facilities although are not as ‘shiny’ as soft play or similar, ultimately it is a restaurant and with fabulous meal deals to be had during the day and toddler-friendly foods it’s the perfect place to head in the school holidays! You can find the restaurant at 502 Bradford Road, Sandbeds, Keighley, BD20 5NH. You can also telephone for further information and reservations on 01274 566 662.

*Disclaimer: I was given vouchers to spend at Brewers Fayre in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own*