Winter Wonderland Manchester

On Monday night Gabriel and I were very lucky to be invited to Manchester’s attraction of the moment, the amazing Winter Wonderland which is held at Event City, a stones throw away from the Trafford Centre.

The Winter Wonderland is essentially an indoor themepark, with added snow, Christmas fun and also lots of entertainment too. Also, if you know any Frozen fans, they will also be entertained with characters from the film appearing throughout the day at the event. There are rides for adults as well as children, so there really is something for everyone. The event is going to be on until the 4th January 2015 so there is still plenty of time to experience the fun!

Gabriel and I arrived at 7pm just in time for the entertainment before we entered through the curtain which unveiled the exciting Winter Wonderland! Gabriel loved the build up, as did all the kids around us. As we entered through the falling show and Christmas songs, it was wonderful to see all the lights and the rides and in turn, the children’s smiling faces!

Prior to heading to Manchester I had looked at the entry prices of the event and to also see what was in store. Over threes pay £25, the same as the adults, which I initially thought was a bit steep, but actually once inside all the rides and entertainment shows are included in your entrance fee, and so I now think it’s pretty good value.

There are a lot of rides, and shows inside and whilst many of them are aimed at younger children, there are plenty of adult rides too. Plus adults can ride most of the rides as a family, which is useful if you have a small toddler or demanding child! There are plenty of car-type spinning rides, but if that doesn’t appeal there are also many bouncy castles, mazes and there is even a simulator machine which is showing the iconic Snowman film. This enables you to ‘fly’ with the snowman! Gabriel and I particularly enjoyed the simulator so I would recommend you queue for that one!

We wandered around, Gabriel was in his element. He loves fairground rides and I think he went on everything he could! Here’s a few photographs of him ‘testing’ the rides!




We spent three hours inside the Winter Wonderland and I’m not sure where the time went! We had a truly wonderful time and I thoroughly recommend visiting especially if you have toddlers and young children, the Winter Wonderland is bound to bring a smile up their faces!





Towards the end of the night Gabriel and I stumbled upon the Sooty Show, which because Gabriel has never seen the show, I wasn’t sure he would be that interested. I was wrong, he LOVED it! The show was fantastic and the audience festive style participation was so much fun! Gabriel particularly loved the game of musical statues giggled along as Sweep misbehaved! The finale of the show was brilliant and I really enjoyed the snow, and the huge Sooty balloons that appeared! So magical, and Gabriel was so excited!



Before we left we decided to grab a bite to eat. This for me was the only slightly disappointing area of the event. There was a small variety of food, and as vegetarians this meant chips or noodles. Which is fine, but perhaps this could be improved for next year. I do recognise of course that more food outlets would most likely mean less room for rides and entertainment, so I appreciate this is an issue up for debate! The attitude of some of the staff at the ‘burger van’ was also disappointing, which I felt didn’t really fit with the fun, happy event, which left me a little sad. But- we sat and ate our chips and they were fine, which was the main issue.

After we had eaten Gabriel told me he wanted to go on one more ride. I asked him to choose, and he pointed at the ‘fun house’. I felt a little panicked as I thought it was perhaps a little old for him, so decided to go inside with him. (Plus, it was getting late and so wasn’t too busy).It was lots of fun, although I do admit even I became a little lost in the glass maze! (So, so confusing!!) Gabriel loved it and after I fought my way out he carried on running about laughing and enjoying the huge slide too!

We left the Winter Wonderland with huge smiles on our faces and we had a fabulous three hours having fun. So what are you waiting for? Head over the the Winter Wonderland website for more information and ticket purchases!



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