We’re a Yummy Yorkshire Family!

Today we received some very exciting news! We have been picked to become a ‘Yummy Yorkshire Family’. We are absolutely over the moon because not only is it a great opportunity for us all, it’s also supporting and promoting local trading, which is something we love to do! We also all LOVE ice cream!!!
Yummy Yorkshire is a family-run farm in the heart of the Pennine Yorkshire Countryside. Passed on through generations of the Holmes family as a working farm, it remains so today, but now includes something very very special! In 2007 Yummy Yorkshire was born, and the farm started to make delicious artisan ice cream on the family dairy farm. Shortly afterwards followed a coffee shop and the most fabulous ice cream parlour too!



The ice cream parlour stocks lots and lots of different flavours of (naturally sourced ingredients) ice cream, including the favourites, and the more unusual such as garlic and chocolate, basil and liquorice, how fab is that?!
Yummy Yorkshire has since gone from strength to strength since their most recent explanation in 2012, winning many awards for our innovative ice-cream flavours and both inspiring and growing business!

Being a Yummy Yorkshire Family will be so exciting for us, because we will be invited to different events throughout the year, including to see how the ice cream is made, reviewing the restaurant and also attending some of the wonderful family-themed events they host, including a Halloween party, ladies nights, cinema in the barn, and also children’s play-schemes. We’ll also be helping Yummy Yorkshire spread the word of their fun events, new ice cream flavours and also writing for their Yummy Yorkshire blog!

Watch this space for further ice cream related developments. We cannot wait!
Thanks Yummy Yorkshire :)



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