We did it! We TEAM HONKED from Keighley to Huddersfield

The day finally arrived! Today has been our Team Honk Blogger Relay day.

I woke hearing heavy rain and my first thoughts were well, a fear swear words to be honest! But, after getting dressed and ready the weather seemed to brighten up. A friend sent me a link to the weather in Haworth and it appeared as though there was to be a dry period between 11am and 1am. Which sounded perfect for us, so in the car we piled and headed to East Riddlesden Hall to meet Heather, who was running from Silsden with the baton.

We dressed the Children in yellow jerseys, ‘Le Tour’ style and packed their Toddlebikes ready for our epic cycle around Haworth’s Main Street and surrounding area! Dave and I chose to wear Sports relief t-shirts (in order to donate some extra pennies for Sports relief) and of course we HAD to have the head boppers! (I do love a good pair of head boppers..)

We met Heather at 10am, as we were sat in the car park waiting for her I decided to have a browse on Twitter at the #teamhonkrelay I really was overwhelmed at the amount of support and messages Team Bradford had received, it was great, so thank you all so much!

I spotted Heather running into the grounds with her little boy in his buggy. Wearing her running gear and looking pretty knackered (and relieved) I also spotted the baton! It was a little surreal to see the ribbons in real life after weeks of looking at photographs of them! It really feels great to have been part of the relay, passing on the baton that I know so many of the blogging friends have carried for various activities all over the UK for the last few weeks.


After a few photographs and a few slices of cake we said our goodbyes to Heather and her little boy and we headed to Haworth for the Crowtherclan ‘Le Tour Toddler Challenge’. Gabriel and Willow did a fantastic job cycling around Haworth, Gabriel only climbed off his bike once I think, Willow did very well too considering she is only fourteen months old!

Haworth Main Street is a very steep, cobbled hill too and so this area was a particular challenge for them! We were so proud of their efforts and giggles along the way. Before we left, we called at Firth’s Boutique to say hello to Nikki of Keighley, who is this week’s ‘Keighley People’ (The curation account we run on Twitter for local people to take turn running the account for a week, sharing their lives) so it was lovely to meet her and have a nosey at her beautiful shop on Main Street!



Once Gabriel and Willow had completed their challenge we posed for some further photographs, which was hard work because by that point they were knackered! and we left for the drive to Huddersfield to meet Emma to pass the baton over for her cycling challenge along the canal to Ashton, Manchester.


We had a great day, it was wonderful to meet the other local bloggers and also be part of the relay which was so far raised over a staggering £22,000! Huge thanks to Mummy Barrow, Penny AResidence and Annie Mamasaurus for putting all the hard work in to organise the relay, to Helen Wills for being a fabulous stand-in organiser and special thanks to Emma for kicking our team into shape with regards to the route!

Well done Team Bradford! If you would like to sponsor us, there is still time please just follow the link below. Thanks so much to those who have already done so, we are very grateful!


The Team Honk Relay is travelling Lands End to John O’Groats in the name of Sports Relief, here is the route, if it’s coming to you soon please contact the team to see if you are able to join the HONK fun!




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