The One When They Realise Friends Began TWENTY Years Ago

I’m a firm believer that age is just a number. It doesn’t mater how old you are, it’s how you live your life that’s important, but last week I have to admit I did have a small shock and for a few hours, felt ANCIENT. The reason? Because I was told the tv series Friends was twenty years old.

TWENTY years though. I mean, really?! I thought maybe ten years… or at a push, fifteen. But twenty? That makes me officially old I guess! I remember when the series began, it was the talk of the school every single Friday without fail! All the girls wanted Rachel’s hair and all the boys were torn between wanting to be as funny as Chandler, and wanting Joey’s confidence and sex appeal. No one wanted to be Ross of course but, he had a cool monkey, and his fair share of drama that kept everyone’s attention! As for Phoebe. Well, she’s just Phoebe isn’t she!

The reason Friends was on my radar, was because I just happened to be invited to a very special blogging event, organised by the very healthy and smiley people at Simplyhealth the event involved a trip to the very cool Everyman cinema on Leeds, for a special showing of the first four episodes of the show. Simplyhealth are a health and dental insurance company, who provide cash back plans towards healthcare bills. They’ve been helping people access affordable healthcare for over 140 years! (Now that’s ancient!)

Why Friends? I hear you cry! Well, the answer is pretty simple. They wanted to make us laugh. Laughter is extremely important in keeping us healthy and Simplyhealth insurance recognise this. So much in fact, that they want to spread the word and keep the UK smiling and healthy! Laughter is clinically proven to reduce stress, improve mood and also relieve anxiety. Even better, is shared laughter. As this promotes positive feelings and in turn, improved social bonds. So THIS was why Simplyhealth wanted to create a room full of giggles and laughter!
You can read more about their very special campaign here

So back to the event, Dave and I met after work and headed for some dinner at Trinity Kitchen, the food was good, but it was more satisfying to be able to eat a meal without two toddlers hanging off us to be honest! Soon it was time to make our way to the cinema.

We had a small row over who the Mexican snacks belonged to..

This is one of my most favourite silly jokes, so thanks to Simplyhealth, they had made a good start at making me smile!

Now the way to my heart is through wine (well, and with goats cheese, but it’s not readily available in cinemas, sadly..) Any will do, but my most favourite is a good Cabernet Sauvignon. Again, Simplyhealth did not disappoint. I was BEAMING. I had wine, AND it was free. Double boom!


Dave has a beer. It was German, he was hoping for his favourite Thai beer, but luckily he wasn’t too much of a Sauerkraut.


We made our way into the cinema. It was ace! All arm chairs and sofas, it was like a huge living room, and there were NO TODDLERS to be seen! It was heavenly. We took our seats and after a quick introduction from the lovely ladies at Simplyhealth and an explanation about the idea behind the event, be began our mini Friends marathon. We were at this point also handed a goody bag, containing a Friend’s mug, some popcorn, sweets and some other goodies. I’m not entirely sure what happened to my popcorn, I can only assume Dave scoffed it when I wasn’t looking! (I won’t make a joke, that would be just too corny..)




There was also a competition running, for attendees to tweet their favourite Friends quotes using the #SHHealthysmile during the event, and the best chosen by the team would win a prize. At this point, I eyed up the prizes, and spotted a ceramic Friends travel mug. I NEEDED it. So I sat and thought about it. My mind was blank, I couldn’t recall any one liners, that would fit into a tweet anyway!

Then, during the show, Ross made a joke in reference to Monika’s past weight problem. I had it! My most favourite episode was the one where they find the old prom video tape! It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Ross’ hair, the way he sits and plays on his keyboard because that Summer he is ‘just gonna work on my music’! Rachel’s nose, the whole beginning of Ross’ crush on her and the heartbreaking end where Ross was going to save the day and take her to her prom when her date didn’t show up, but then they leave without him!

It is however, Monika that is more hilarious, she’s rather huge, and tells a shocked Chandler, ‘Everyone knows the camera adds like 10lbs’ to which he replies, ‘So how many cameras were actually ON you?’

THAT line, and the whole episode is just the best in my opinion! So, I tweeted it. And, I won. Yay! I was extremely happy, and it was a lovely surprise after a fun evening. Layla from This Day I Love also won a prize for her tweet!

At the event we watched:

The Pilot
The One with the Sonogram at the End
The One with the Thumb
The One with George Stephanopoulos

I’ve always found Friends funny. It’s easy to watch and thanks to Channel
Four I suspect I have seen every episode at least ten times. But sometimes it’s good to just take some time out, sit and do nothing but watch something funny and LAUGH. After all, people say laughter is the best medicine, Friends must have cure many illnesses across the world in that case!

I will of course forever want Rachel’s layered bob, I’m just waiting for the fashion to return (should be next year I’m guessing- seen as we’re currently on dungarees and platform shoes) it’s been so great to have a refresher into 1994! Thanks so much to the team over at Joe Bloggers network and of course, Simplyhealth for organising such a fun evening! I’ve already had about ten coffees out of my travel mug, so it’s been pretty useful :)




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