The Lion King: Hakuna Matata!

Today I took Gabriel to the Alhambra theatre in Bradford to see the West End’s production of the Lion King which is based on the famous Disney Film

Gabriel is only two (three in June) and I had been concerned about whether he was too young to go, but when a friend was selling some great seats for a Sunday matinee it seemed like a ideal opportunity. I had three tickets, so we asked my Mum to accompany us whilst Dave stayed at home with Willow.



On arrival we bought our programmes, hired our booster seat for Gabriel and took our seats for re performance. We spotted a few of the boxes had been reserved for the bongo drums and this excited Gabriel a lot! He sat clutching the programme and as the music started he giggled then held on to me as he was not sure what to expect!


The music for the film and subsequently the stage is by Elton John, and the lyrics by Tim Rice. The show begins with ‘Circle of Life’ and it is just beautiful. I was almost in tears, the lovely animals and the live music go together wonderfully. Before the show started a lady in the toilets said to me, ‘I’ve got my tissues with me, I’ll most definitely cry’ and I laughed. But actually, I almost did too! It’s very emotional.

The animals, are of course the cast but their mannerisms and costumes are amazingly accurate and life like. I will not spoil the show for you, but there at
plenty of animals to see and some even raised a special applause!

The well known songs from the Disney film are in the show and the story is much the same. Telling the tale of Simba the young lion cub from Pridelands, who is due to become King after his Father. Throw in wicked Uncle Scar who attempts to steal his crown, a gang of funky-dancing hyenas and a sprinkle of love and you get the gist!

The show is full of brightly coloured scenery, lighting and impressive special effects. The cast have done an excellent job and are clearly working extremely hard. Their roles are pretty energetic and the choreography is really well thought out. (I’m quite obsessed with dance choreography!)

We especially loved the children playing the young Simba and Nala. We also enjoyed Pumbaa the warthog and Timon the meerkat! They are the stars of the show in our opinion with lots of jokes fun and dancing!

We had a great afternoon and Gabriel loved the show. I love the theatre and have seen many of the West End productions, this is most definitely one of my favourites! If you haven’t see it, you must. I’m so pleased the production has come to Bradford, a great opportunity to see a fantastic show. Hakuna Matata!

Disney’s The Lion King is at Bradford Alhambra until 10th May. For tickets or more information click here



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    I’ve taken my kids to the theatre from an early age, and we have seen The Lion King 3 times! Twice at the theatre and once when it was my sons yr 6 production. He was Zazu.
    I find it amazing that they took a cartoon film and turned it into such a fabulous show!
    Now your boy has seen one, you know you can continue taking him…a must in my book!

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