Round Our Way!

Today we’ve been making the most of the sunshine and getting outside for lots of fresh air!

We’ve lived in Goose Eye for eighteen months now, and I’ve never really taken a stroll locally. Now that isn’t as odd as it sounds, because the tiny hamlet of Goose Eye is sandwiched between too rather HUGE inclines. Both of which are far quite dangerous for a pedestrian, let alone a pram!

Goose Eye is situated in between two other small villages, Laycock and Oakworth and is on the edge of Bronte Country. It’s a lovely place, but quite remote, compared to the rest of the area! We have just two buses a day, and there are no shops!

There is however, a lovely public cobbled footpath that runs for approximately half a mile leading to the main road.

The cobbled path is slightly (actually, very) uneven, but it’s a lovely walk and there’s some amazing views of the countryside we’re surrounded by.

So we headed up the cobbled lane and admired the views. The sun was shining and the countryside looked very pretty!



Once we met the main road. we carried on and walked into town, which is only a further two miles, it’s a pleasant walk, and all down hill! Then, after a spot of shopping it was time to walk home.

On our way back we took some photographs of the gorgeous views of the Worth Valley.



Down the lane back into Goose Eye we found a large pond!


Back into the village we walked over the bridge and beck. There’s not much water (although it is fast flowing) but the banks did break in 2000 and caused a huge flood. I’ve seen the photographs, and happy to say that luckily there hasn’t been anything similar since!


Our house is partly attached to an old water powered paper mill, that used to make bank notes for India. Examples of the printed Rupees are on display in the local pub! The mill was called the Turkey Mill, hence the name
of our local pub the Turkey Inn (which is stones throw away from our house!) The pub was built in 1797 at the same time as the mill so the workers had somewhere to drink, and be merry!


Despite it's close proximity, the pub is somewhere we don't get as much as we'd like! But we do have the occasional drink and meal there. It's a great pub with a nice homely atmosphere, and it's kept much of it's original features.

The old mill has now been transformed into lots of apartments, but the outside is much the same as it once was!


Our street entrance leads down to the other side of the old mill. On the cobbles there are tracks that the mill used as their internal transport system. I love these markings, they give the street a lovely traditional feel, providing a link with the past. Gabriel loves to ride his bike on these cobbles next to the markings!


Then we were home. Think we’ll be doing more walking close to home from now on, Gabriel loved the exploring despite the fact it was only round the corner from our house!


Hope you enjoyed our little Goose Eye tour as much as we did!



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