Peppa Pig’s Big Splash LIVE! A Review

This weekend we went to see Peppa Pig’s Big Splash Live! I’m not sure who was the most excited about going, Me, Daddy (yes!) or the children!

Over the last year, since visiting Peppa Pig World the Pig Family have been a huge part of our lives and it feels like they have been living with us!

We went to see the performance at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool, which is a beautiful small Victorian theatre in the seaside town. Whilst the children may not articulate that they appreciated the venue it certainly was a great place to introduce them to live indoor entertainment (We have been to a few music festivals outside etc) and far more interesting than a modern arena.


When we arrived there were large queues. Clearly everyone had young Children with them, and Blackpool at 9:30am on a bleak Sunday morning in Blackpool is cold! But the theatre staff did a fantastic job of making sure all the Families entered the theatre in the correct entrances, swiftly.

Once inside there was an over emphasis on merchandising. The top selling item was a Peppa Pig ‘whirler’ that flashed bright lights. They were priced at a £7.50, which did seem slightly over priced, but I suppose it is to be expected! The stalls also sold Peppa Pig books, umbrellas, clothing, balloons and toys. It seemed every Child had a whirler by the time the show began, we purchased one for Gabriel, and he loved it!


We opted to attend the early morning performance due to the age of our children (Two years and eleven months) to my mind this was a wise move as all Children there were in good spirits with no onset of tiredness and it’s subsequent consequences!

The show itself is fantastic! It is effectively a ‘Peppa Pig’ greatest hits performance, using several episodes and scenes to create a feature-length show. We loved it, and especially liked that most of the ‘in jokes’ from the series thrown in for good measure! It is very funny, and because it reflects the tone of the cartoon series, the show has a great balance of humour aimed at both Adults and Children.

The performance was animated with puppets with black clad actors playing the parts. The majority of the favourite characters featured (although sadly not Granpy Rabbit) with the biggest cheer reserved for Daddy Pig. Proving that, like Homer Simpson in The Simpsons, he is the real star of the story. For me however the show is stolen, somewhat surreally, by Mr Potato!


Peppa’s Big Splash incorporates lots of songs and audience participation which the children loved. There is even a chance to sing along to the ‘Bing Bong Song’ and we loved this. The atmosphere was fantastic, and everyone joined in! Although, unfortunately Madame Gazelle isn’t on hand to lead the singing!

There is also squirting water when the characters start jumping in muddy puddles. Something to consider if you want to sit in the front three rows!

In two half hour parts with a twenty-minute intermission, the show is the right length to hold Children’s attention (our eleventh month old Daughter stayed focused on it all the way through) whilst allowing sufficient time for families to go to the toilets etc without disrupting the performance.


The show is bright and colourful and the stories will already be familiar to Peppa Pig fans, it is very funny and Gabriel watched giggling away!

Overall, if like us you feel like you live amongst the Pig family with the feeling that Mrs Rabbit is working everywhere you go, you know all the words to Granpy Pigs songs, or you know what the Bing Bong song is, then you are going to love this show. It really is like a greatest hits performance by a favourite band!

It gives everyone the chance to sing along and jump (in mudddy puddles, of course!) about without being over the top or ‘in your face’.

Peppa’s Big Splash also gives children a great introduction to the theatre and live entertainment in an environment where a bit of background noise isn’t going to hurt anyone.


If you are looking for a special day out for pre school children then this is a great option! The 2013/14 tour of Peppa’s Big Splash is visiting many areas of the UK and more information, and tour details can be found HERE

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Tickets are available for the show here!

DISCLAIMER: We were kindly given a Family ticket for the show in exchange for a review of the show.

Information about the show

Come and join Peppa and her friends for another all-singing, all-dancing adventure full of songs, games and muddy puddles! The nursery roof is leaking and Peppa and her friends need to fix it – quick! As they set up a fete to raise the money for the repairs, they’ll need your help to make sure everything goes smoothly. Join Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig, as well as Danny Dog, Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep as they have fun putting up bunting, running stalls and organising a great day out. There’s also a Champion Puddle Jumping competition judged by Mr Potato where everyone gets wet and Peppa needs to find her Golden Boots! Peppa Pig returns live on stage with super cute puppets and brilliant sing-a-long songs in this brand new show that will brighten your day. So grab your wellies and brollies and get splashing!


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