Parklife: A new light!


Today we had an impromptu visit to the park as the weather seemed to have warmed up slightly! We took the pram for Willow & let Gabriel walk using his reins on his bumblebee rucksack.

We have missed going to the park, and judging by Gabriel’s face, so has he!

He smiled so much playing on the swings, slide and climbing frames!



After playing, we had a long walk around the park, and Gabriel ran the whole way! His little face was full of delight, even though is nose was a little red from the cold! He loved squashing the crunchy leaves with his feet, jumping on the bouncy tarmac, squelching the mud and seeing all the different types of dogs being walked about!

The Light was beautiful in the park, and so we took the opportunity to take some pics for the Family album

Lund Park.. we’ll be back! The fresh air was wonderful and tired everyone out!


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