Our Visit to Yummy Yorkshire

A few weeks ago we were invited by Yummy Yorkshire to visit their amazing homemade ice cream cafe, and have a tour of their fabulous making facilities!

A few months back, we were chosen to become one of their ‘Yummy Yorkshire Families’. This means attending five of their events, reviewing then providing constructive feedback to help ensure they are absolutely family-friendly! Perusal of their upcoming events has meant difficulty for us though! We are struggling which four events to choose as they ALL look fantastic. Tasting sessions, bistro type adult’s events, play schemes, cinema nights in their amazing barn and much more!

Now. We all love ice cream, who doesn’t?! I knew before our visit that the range of flavours Yummy Yorkshire produce were original, quirky and often, quite intriguing! So I was quite keen to have a look round and of course sample a few scoops! On arrival to Yummy Yorkshire, I was surprised just how sweet the place looks. The ice cream parlour/cafe/diner is set on a lovely picturesque farm (very Yorkshire!) and even though it was raining, it remained charming. The location is rural, but easily accessible and even though it took us over an hour to get there, I know it will become a regular attraction for us, simply because we HAVE to try all the ice cream flavours, for assessment purposes, obviously.



We had a few minutes to wait before we were ready for our tour of the dairy farm so we took a seat in the cafe and the lovely staff ensured Gabriel and Willow were kept entertained by handing them some colouring in to do; I was really grateful of this and it was great to see that the farm is so toddler-friendly.

Soon it was time for our tour, we were shown around the farm by Lou who personally makes all the ice cream, creating the flavours, and ensuring everything runs as smoothly as it should! First we went into the area where Yummy Yorkshire’s very own cows are milked and shown how the milk is transported into the kitchen areas for storage and pasteurisation.
I was quite sad to hear that due to the larger supermarkets, and niche organic branding, the production and marketing of their own milk is limited, but the good thing is that the milk IS being used to make all the yummy ice cream!





Yummy Yorkshire have an array of flavours to tantalise your tastebuds. Salted caramel, Jaffa cake, peanut butter, lemon meringue, chocolate Oreo, coconut and mango, garlic and
dark chocolate. The list goes on! Lou explained she is always looking for inspiration and new flavours are constantly being planned (and taste-tested).

Hearing about the ice cream making process was fascinating, I was if I’m honest rather taken aback with all the different processes the milk and ice cream go through before it wand up in our freezer! The tour was really fun, and Lou obviously knows her stuff. The kids were extremely excited to meet Lou’s husband too, a real-life farmer! Back in the cafe, we were offered the opportunity to sample some of the ice cream. It was only 11am but we were all willing to assist! Gabriel chose chocolate (he loves all things chocolate), Willow went with strawberry, Dave had dandelion and burdock and I devoured the Sicilian lemon and ginger.


We were really impressed! The ice cream tasted delicious and really fresh tasting. It was refreshing to taste ice cream with unusual flavours and knowing exactly what had gone into the ice cream, mainly from locally sourced ingredients was really nice to know. It was great fun having our ‘behind the scenes’ tour of Yummy Yorkshire and the kids especially loved seeing the cows and the machines at work!

We are really looking forward to working with Yummy Yorkshire over the next year, and watch this space for more yummy family fun!





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