I Can’t Sing!

Last night I went to the theatre. I was really lucky to be invited by TalkTalk to go to London to see ‘I Can’t Sing’ the new X Factor musical which is hosted by the London Palladium in the West End.

I Can’t Sing is a comedy musical written by Harry Hill and held it’s first showing on February 27th this year. The show like most West End productions lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes and includes a 20 minute interval.
The show itself is a very tongue-in-cheek look at the the popular television show. It is centred around a boy meets girl type story, whereby a young girl called Chenice meets fellow contestant Max and the show follows their love story and of course a fame-related split, then reunited through a very sweet acoustic love song from Max.

Max (Alan Morrissey) is based on Matt Cardle, who won the show in 2010. Max is a likeable male lead and cast well in my opinion. I loved the Rochdale accent and his sweet nature! (And well I did love Matt Cardle too…).

The lead Chenice (Cynthia Ervio) gives a fantastic performance, especially considering her previous work and theatre experience, which is minimal. She has a fantastic voice and definitely holds the show together! 20140321-141632.jpg Rather bizarrely what both stole the show, and perhaps ruined it for me was the role of a talking dog called Barlow (Bet Gary was chuffed about that) who was puppeteered by a male performer on a skateboard! (Simon Lipkin). Now hats off to Simon he did a great job, he has a fantastic singing voice and good comedy timing, but sadly I failed to understand the relevance of the dog within the storyline, although by the end of the show, I had become quite pleased the dog was there as often most of the jokes were originating from it!
20140321-141755.jpg The judges included in the show are Simon Cowell (Nigel Harman), ‘Jordy’ (Victoria Elliot) and Louis (Ashley Knight). I’m not sure why Cheryl was called Jordy, perhaps she hasn’t authorised the use of her persona? Victoria does an excellent job of playing Jordy, and in my opinion is once of best cast members. Whilst Nigel Harman may look like Simon Cowell, he certainly doesn’t sound like him, he has a good set of lungs on him though, and apart from sweating profusely it worked.

Other charactersI liked were the ‘Altarboyz’ based on the comedy (?!!) duo Jedward. They certainly provided energy and colour to the show, and I challenge anyone not to laugh during their Irish leprechaun performance. It is hilarious! There’s reference and jokes about other past contestants and a lots of the actors have their characters mannerisms spot on, which was great to see.

I think Harry Hill has done a great job with the musical, and although a bit too cheesy for my taste, the audience did seen to enjoy the show. Overall the I Can’t Sing is entertaining, but I wouldn’t be rushing back to see it again. I enjoyed parts of it. It is what it is, a fun musical full of cheese and laughs. Leave your high hopes at the door and sit enjoy the silliness!

I Can’t Sing is suitable for older children and adults and I’d recommend sitting in the stalls, we were sat on row G and had a fantastic view. Special thanks to TalkTalk, Kip and Lillinha for a great evening out!

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