A Day Out With Thomas: Peep Peep!


Today we visited Kirklees Light Railway in Huddersfield to experience the ‘Thomas & Friends Day Out’. Gabriel awoke very excited indeed and he travelled the hour’s journey clutching his ticket in the back of the car, ready to hand over to the Fat Controller at the station!

We arrived at Clayton West station and we were surprised to see how well organised the event was, we’ve been to these railway events before and they are sometimes mayhem! The event had lots of free, nearby parking which was great to see, as we are so used to be charging £5-10 to park our car at these types of events!

We had a wander around and saw that included with the tickets (Which were £37 for all four of us) were Thomas & Friends platform rides, a small monorail train ride, face painting, donkey rides, Thomas DVD screenings, trains, play areas and craft activities.

We had a few minutes to spare before our official train ride to Shelley Station, so we had a nosey in the gift shop and bought some badges! Gabriel loved them and wore his with pride all day. A pound well spent!

Once we climbed aboard to train to Shelley, it wasn’t long before we were off! Gabriel was so excited and kept jumping around singing along to the Thomas music they had playing accompanying the journey. Both Gabriel and Willow loved the train, the journey was scenic and we pointed out all the different animals along the way. All was going well, until unfortunately Willow choked on a piece of biscuit and it made her vomit in the carriage! Luckily she was okay, and the floor was cleanable with a few wet-wipes!

At Shelley station because it was very windy we went into the crafts marquee and played with the wooden trains sets, and ate our packed lunches. I’d called at the supermarket prior to attending for sushi and sandwiches, and I was glad I had because the café and the barbeque at the stations were busy and had long queues.


After lunch and playing, we went to watch the puppet show, it was basic, but amusing and good fun. Gabriel and Willow absolutely loved it, and Willow’s infectious belly laughs could be heard outside of the hut I am sure! One of the entertainers then made a song up for each of the Children, using their names and something they liked, I thought this was a nice personal touch and although Gabriel didn’t appreciate his own song (Yes, it was my child who shouted for him to STOP STOP STOP) everyone else seemed to!


On the ride back to Clayton West we read the free Thomas books we’d been given at the puppet show and sang along with the Thomas ‘rap’ (again..). Then it was time to have a ride on Thomas! This ride was only very short, although as it was open carriage, this was for the best, it was slightly cold! Gabriel was very excited to ride on Thomas and even got the chance to sit in the driver’s seat! At this point we also met the Fat Controller, and received our certificates from him. Gabriel refused to have his photograph taken with him so Willow accepted the certificates on his behalf..

Overall I’d say ‘A Day Out With Thomas & Friends’ is well worth the visit. We had a wonderful day and both Gabriel and Willow loved it. I personally think it’s great value for money too, as I assumed all the extras would have been ‘extra’ cost. All the staff were friendly and helpful and to say that there was a few hundred two and three years olds in attendance all very excited to see Thomas it wasn’t stressful at all. As we left I asked Gabriel, “Have you had a good day?” He replied, “I want to come again please Mummy” So, I think that’s a definite YES!

So if you have a train mad toddler I’d really recommend you get some tickets booked as soon as possible! You will also receive a free gift with your booking, but I won’t spoil the surprise..



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