This is my Heartbeat Song…

Kelly Clarkson has a song released at the moment, although not usually my bag music wise, it came on the radio whilst I driving the kids to nursery this morning. I was feeling a little chirpy, the sun was shining, and the birds were in chorus so I began singing away.

Then, just as I came to the chorus, I heard two little voices from the back of the car:

‘This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it… Been so long I forgot how to turn it… Up up up up up up all night long….’

Gabriel and Willow were singing! It was ace.

It really made me smile because well, I didn’t know they knew he song for a start, but was also for another reason. Things have been difficult recently at home, and I have for the last few days been suffering from anxiety. I know that one way to treat anxiety is through mindfulness- living in the moment, acknowledging each happy moment and enjoying it, savouring it.

So, this is what I have done. Today was a simple reminder that, singing in the car, sharing a moment with the kids and feeling happy, smiling reminded me exactly that I need to be thankful. I have so much positivity in my life, and the kids bring me so much joy.

So thank you Kelly. Awful song really, but a great memory stored.




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    These moments are what memories are made of! X the sun is shining, I hope you find peace and happiness in your day today. Have you heard of embrace happy and #3goodthings? It’s really helped me recently to think of 3 good things in every day.

    Always here if you want a chat or a moan or a crappy alcohol related joke….xxxx

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    Great post! These moments are lovely. I did a similar post a while back. On a Sunday morning when I get the boys we always enjoy a good sing along. I always always wait for my three favourite words “are you ready Daddy” then this is the moment all 3 of us just let go and sing and dance like loons. Love it every time. They’re moments that I cherish so deeply and hope you will too. Beautiful. :)

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