Living Arrows Week #18

So I’ve been a little busy recently but I am attempting to get back into the blogging slowly but surely! I’m also attempting to catch up with my favourite blog linkies too and one of those is Living Arrows!

Living Arrows is all about lovely children’s portraits, and each week publishing one of our favourites. So this week, week 18- it’s Gabriel’s turn.

I admit I have cheated slightly, I didn’t take the photograph- my Dad did but I really love it. This weekend both Gabriel and Willow visited my Dad and his wife Kath at their home and they got the chance to have a nosey in their new (ish) campervan. As you can see, Gabriel loved it! Especially pretending the drive it, in fact they loved it so much, the even ate their dinner sat at the table inside, much to my amusement! It’s great to see the kids being excited to visit their grandparents and for them to have their own adventures in the camper! I’m hoping one day, if my Dad allows it, I may have a little spin in it myself!

I love the way Gabriel smiles, he’s grin is utterly infectious and never fails to make me laugh. He’s a happy soul and also a loving little boy, albeit sometimes quite bossy! (No idea where he gets that from..) Can’t quite believe he will be four soon, and in September heading to school too!

So here we have week 18- campervan smiles.


Living Arrows


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