Three months

Dear Willow

You are three months old! Three whole months since you were born.

I feel like you’ve been here forever, like we’ve known you forever.

You gurgle, you chatter away. You love to be spoken to and you always respond with a giggle. You especially love it when Gabriel talks to you right in your face! You look at him and examine his face curiously.

Your daddy and I think it won’t be long until you are ruling the roost.
Your facial expressions say so!

You are smarter than you first appear to be. You pretend to be upset if your Daddy takes you away from me, then when he brings you back to me you laugh and give me a huge smile- its so cheeky!

Your smile lights up your beautiful face. Your eyes look as though they’ll remain blue, just like Gabriel’s.

You both look so alike. It melts my heart that I can see you both in each other- It means I always have both of you with me.

You are a strong but delicate baby. You like to hold your head up and have a good look around, but you aren’t ready to sit up yet, you enjoy your snuggles like a small baby too much!

The thing I love about you the most is your determination. You are just like me. Determined to do what you want. I find it frustrating but at the same time I am so immensely proud of you!

I am so excited to see you grow baby girl.

Lots of love from Mummy x






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