6 Months

Dear Willow

Half a year. You are half a year!

You have grown and developed so much in the last few weeks. So much so and so fast in fact that I have hardly had chance to write it down!


You have put on weight, something which was needed. You are so petite and for a while we were starting to get slightly concerned, despite you always being hungry and ALWAYS eating, weight gain just wasn’t your thing!

You love your food and as soon as you spy the spoon you begin to ‘rev’ your hands (like a motorbike) with excitement. It’s very funny! You quickly spit out the food you don’t like though, especially chickpeas and spinach! You’d eat fruit for every meal if I allowed it.

You like to chatter now. This last few weeks have heard you chatter your first words. First was ‘Hiya’ and almost straight away afterwards came ‘Da-da’. Well, it is actually ‘Da da da da da da da’ But we think it’s Dadda all the same.

You roll and roll and move across the floor, you grab everything and anything and love to challenge yourself


Gabriel is your best friend. Nobody makes you laugh like he does. It’s like you have a shared understanding, sharing secret jokes. I love to watch you both together.


Gabriel adores you. He pushes you rather other enthusiastically in your swing, climbs all over you whist you roll about on the floor, waves your arms about and always kisses you all over your face! Sometimes you become cross and flap your arms about like a little bird, it’s very sweet.

Your eyes remain blue and sparkly. Your hair hasn’t grown but is still chocolate brown

You cry every single night when you realise it’s bedtime, but once in your cot you love your sleep. Not for long though, as you still breastfeed twice in the night!

You sit and play with your toys, you love your rattles and Lamaze toys, especially the snail and his shiny body!

You scratch my neck and thrash your legs about when you are upset, but you also love to cuddle. Your Daddy calls you ‘Willow the Worm’ because you worm your way into people’s arms and stay quiet, hoping they’ll forget you are there, so you’ll get to stay there!


You have the same cheeky grin and Gabriel. You tease him by tickling his ear and then laughing! He wants to be cross but ends up laughing with you



You have discovered peek-a-boo and find it most amusing!

You put everything straight into your mouth, your little teeth are bothering you but you put on a brave face


You love to watch the television, especially Coronation Street and laugh along with canned laughter, it’s hilarious

You are very confident with your swimming now. You kick your legs and giggle away splashing about

We attend baby yoga which you seem to love. It’s a lovely hour of Mummy and Willow time, with some much needed relaxation!

We’re very excited about the next six months little one

Love Mummy and Daddy x x





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    How lovely, it’s great watching the relationship between siblings isn’t it, I was so worried how Alex would react to Sam but they are best of friends and I am sure partners in crime in the near future!

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