27 Months

Dear Gabriel

You are now twenty seven months.

Your talking has come on so much in the last four weeks. We can have proper conversations with you now and that is brilliant!

You like Ben and Holly’s Magical Kingdom, in fact you rarely ask for Peppa Pig now. (But you still like it!)

You have started to notice peripheral characters in television programmes, such as Gaston the lady bird or Suzy Sheep from Peppa Pig, which means you are starting to understand the storylines. It’s very cute to see!

You have learnt lots of new animals this month and the names of their young by using your flashcards. We have two sets now and you know them all. You are doing so well! We are very proud.

You love butterflies, and you bought me lots of butterfly themed presents for my Birthday, including tights, some lovely earrings and a lovely glass.

You adore your frog hat. You insist on sleeping in it, and wearing it everywhere. Lucky for us, it’s a Minnie’s Macaroon hat, which is great advertising for us. You seem to like hats and always point them out to us!

You play with your Lego and like to build stairs, and houses. You also made a dinosaur at the weekend by yourself, it was brilliant!

You love to play the game you call ‘Again’!! This involves you walking around one of the sofas with all your cars.

This month we’ve started to run around the settee pretending to be different animals. It is so much fun! You like to be a dinosaur and a chicken the most. Seeing you do a chicken impression is one of the best things we’ve ever seen you do. It’s brilliant and so funny.

The way you laugh and giggle makes our hearts melt! You have a way with your laugh that makes everyone else laugh too.

You are very good at putting the toys out, and tidying them away at Playgroup.

You like to sing

You have learned to ‘Share’ with Willow, and often tell us to ‘Share, share!’

You like to do silly dances in the kitchen, but if Daddy and I start to do them too, you become very embarrassed and shout ‘STOP!’

You love to look after Willow. You cover her in kisses and hug her so gently.
You always pass her toys to play with and you like to sit and read to her.

You often go from being very silly to being very serious in seconds! Your best trait is by far your sense of humour. You just KNOW what is funny.

Your memory is started to impress us. You remember things we told you weeks ago, and often impress us out and about with random words or knowledge!

You love Nutella

Your favourite toys are your dinosaurs, your Lego and your cars

You love to spot buses, trucks and vans when we are out and about in the car

You have some best friends at nursery and playgroup. In fact, Daddy tells me you have a Girlfriend!

You like to sit in our bed and pretend to be asleep, it’s hilarious!

You like to play Mr Tumble’s, ‘Bubbles’ game on the iPad

You watched you first Disney film with me this month, Finding Nemo. You loved it and concentrated all the way through.

You love the park, and call hills ‘slides’!

You are very well behaved and you make us very proud, especially with how you are with your Sister.

Love Mummy & Daddy x x

















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