25 Months

Dear Gabriel

It’s only a month since your second Birthday but we’ve seen big changes.

Your talking has come on so much this month. We love to hear you talk, and to hear you say please and thank you.
You are so well mannered!

You love football, running, and anything Peppa Pig related.

We went to a local fun day and you loved the bouncy castle, the cake stall and also running around in the fields chasing the dogs!

You did your first Toddle Waddle with our playgroup where we went for a walk in the local woods. You had so much fun!

You like to go to the park and have a go on every single thing. You love the slides best still though!

You adore your Sister. You sing to her and try to get her to play games with you. She tickles you, and you laugh in her face which, in turn makes her laugh too.

In the back of the car you talk to her and make her giggle. I love to watch your antics in the rear view mirrors!

You love cars, and this month have sat in the front of many, including a porsche. You were very excited!

You seem to be a good decision maker. You follow your immediate instinct just like Mummy! It’s not always a great thing though; you will just not eat mashed potato!

You love baked beans and always ask for yoghurts!

You stand by the cupboard where we keep the bread and point shouting ‘pleeeaaasssee!’ You love to eat bread, scotch pancakes and waffles, and would have them for every meal if I let you!






You’ve also discovered ice cream, and love mini-milks and cornettos!

You seem to have developed a sense of time, you know when you Daddy is due home, you know when we get up, and you know where Willow will be at certain times of the day.

Your sense of humour is still your best quality. You know what’s funny, hence you are great at making others laugh. Last week you dressed as the Gruffalo, placed some Christmas bells over your eyes, then began walking around doing a very silly walk. It was hilarious! We laughed so much with you!

You make us laugh morning until night every single day and we love it!

Love Mummy and Daddy x x






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