Need Storage? Try PODS!

Prior to moving to our current house, we lived in Leeds in a smaller home that although was reasonably spacious, it was also difficult to store our belongings withour cluttering up the house. So once I was pregnant and needed one of the spare bedrooms for the nursery, rather than move house we decided to hire a storage unit. We paid a monthly fee and often added to the unit when we had items that we did not need or want at the house! It was a great idea, but driving to the unit, loading/unloading onto a trolley to access the unit became a pain. Once we moved to this house, we had enough space (five bedrooms and a huge garage!) for storage.

But storage isn’t just for moving house or for long term solutions. Spring is on its way and PODS Moving and Storage is the perfect solution for that long awaited annual ‘spring clean’ by allowing you to declutter and store your belongings in one simple step!

Spring-cleaning has never been so easy with PODS mobile storage containers, which come in three different sizes, depending on your storage needs. The containers can be delivered where and when you need them and you can either load yourself on your doorstep, or if required, the PODS loading team can organise loading it for you. If you’re in the mood for a good old clear out, but are not quite ready to give up the goods, PODS could be your saviour. You can keep the PODS container outside your home for as long as you need to, making the service super flexible and convenient; and after you’ve finished loading, PODS can transport your container back to their security protected warehouse to keep your belongings safe and sound.

You lock the pod and keep the only key. You won’t have to risk any damages by moving your belongings multiple timess, the lift system is designed to keep your container level and therefore there is no damage in transit issues. You load at ground level, no ramps too. PODS are the World leader in the mobile moving and storage industry. They have locations throughout the USA, Canada, and Australia, and have made over two million deliveries worldwide so they must be doing something right!

PODS started operating in the UK in 2010 and remain unique in the UK market for its innovative yet simple way to move and store items. Scott Cassidy, Company Director says “PODS give customers the opportunity to move and store on their own terms, without the expense of hiring vans or using expensive removal companies. “The PODS are delivered to the customer’s location and they simply take as long as they need to load or unload them, over a few days, a week or even a month. The customer is in complete control! We deliver a PODS container (with our larger PODS Container being able to fit the contents of a 2/3 bedroomed house), which the customer loads at their own leisure and when they’re ready we transport it, either into storage or direct to their new location. It’s that simple! Also, if the customer decides they don’t want to load their own container we have professional loading teams that will do everything for them.”

PODS are ideal if you are looking for a simple, affordable solution to move and store your items without it costing you the earth! I know I shall certainly be using them when I next move house!


*Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with PODS Storage Solutions*


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