Our Bluestone Break Days 3 & 4

After two blissful nights at Bluestone we embarked on our third day. I knew from the beginning, Bluestone will become somewhere that we will return to, because it’s so relaxing, I also knew that the few days away I had with the kids would be about just us, spending quality time together and relaxing!

On our third day, it rained and I mean rained. I love to sit indoors next to a window if it’s raining, I sometimes open it so I can smell and hear it more. So at Bluestone I was delighted that I could pull all the curtains back in the lodge, sit on the sofa snuggled up with the kids eating our breakfasts and watching the rain storm. It was wonderful and I think us laughing at people running past the lodge getting soaked (yes, I laugh at others misfortune- I blame You’ve Been Framed..) was one of my top five memories from the week. We all really belly-laughed together, it still makes me giggle now!

Anyway, once the storm has cleared and the wind had settled, we decided to get out for a walk, to search for a rainbow! The kids were excited and I needed one of the amazing hot chocolates in the village bakery, obviously. I also hoped to have another wander around the beautiful lake in the grounds and hoped to maybe bump into some other the other Bluestone Blogger crew on our travels. We had literally got to the bottom on the hill and we bumped into You Baby Me Mummy and her lovely family. Abby is very lovely and gave me a huge hug, which was great! It was nice to see a friendly face- and speak to an adult as I was on day three alone with two toddlers! We stood chatting for a while and then we carried on our adventure!

We walked down to the lake and although we didn’t locate a rainbow, we spotted a bugs house, and lots of different birds and wildlife. The kids absolutely loved walking around the lake and despite the weather being bitterly cold, it was beautiful!




The fresh air did us all good, and also made us hungry for treats! So we headed to the Bakery to see what we could find! We found three things; homemade cakes, amazing gourmet hot chocolate, and a new friend.. We sat in the cafe and ate our treats and I received a tweet from a fellow Bluestone Blogger, Dad Creek. He was in the cafe with his family, so I introduced myself! If you don’t follow Ryan’s blog or Twitter you should! He’s fast becoming one of my favourite funniest Dad bloggers.




After consuming a lot of calories, we decided to power walk back to the lodge up the huge hill to burn some fat! We stopped off for a play at the toddler park, which is well organised, clean and fun for toddlers! Gabriel especially liked the wooden train and the slide! After a quick bath, watching a programme about how jam rings are made and some stories it was time for bed, and some Mummy chilling time! Again, I opted for a bath, with an aperitif of gin and tonic whilst my dinner cooked. It was perfect and very relaxing!

On Thursday We had a lazy morning of doing some crafts in the lodge (I had packed all the materials, in case of poor weather!) and the kids loved it. We had a veggie fry-up and tucked into our breakfasts as we planned our afternoon. I had booked onto the Woody Wilds Cafe Dinner Show as a treat, and so this meant heading to the Adventure Centre for ten afternoon. Again, the weather wasn’t great, but at Bluestone this doesn’t matter really, there are plenty of activities to do, and lots of people milling around to interact with!

At the Adventure Centre we decided to check out the ‘Circus Room’ and I am so glad we did! We spent a good few hours playing, exploring and having fun in there. Designed specifically for toddlers, but with a circus theme it’s certainly that something different from the usual soft play set up. Gabriel and Willow walked the beams, rolled underneath the apparatus and even practised their juggling skills! They both also loved the train ride!





Next up, was the event of the week! The dinner show at the Wild Wood Cafe. Gabriel had been very excited about this all week, but I had been a little apprehensive due to the fact that he isn’t always keen on costumes and puppets! We arrived and were seated, straight away the lovely lady ‘woodland fairy’ came in, making sure she chatted to each child, Gabriel immediately loved her! All the children were asked to sit at the front of the cafe and the fairy read them a story. Next it was time to locate her friend, a hedgehog! The kids loved it, the show was really interactive and there was lots of singing and dancing!




As we all vegetarian we ordered a vegetarian platter, which was simple but perfect for children who may be picky! The kids really enjoyed the corn on the cob, veggie sausages, beans and chips! Not the most healthy, but it was a treat after all! My veggie burger was nice, and the desserts of chocolate brownie and ice cream were a welcomed surprise! The dinner show costs £7.95 per child and £12.95 for adults and lasts about an hour and a half. A meal is included and personally I think that’s great value! The cafe setting is really lovely, and we very much enjoyed the experience.




So that was our last day! We went back to the lodge, and I drank a glass of wine once the kids were in bed and began the sad process of packing! We had a truly wonderful break at Bluestone, and I would wholeheartedly challenge anyone NOT to love it! It’s a great place, with plenty to do, whatever the weather. It’s also suitable for all ages, and parents travelling alone with kids like I did will feel comfortable and not at all alone! The staff went out of their way to be friendly and attentive whilst giving us the space we needed to relax and enjoy ourselves! I was also really impressed by the cleanliness of the Bluestone site and also the accommodation.

All in all, I give Bluestone 10/10 and I know we will most definitely be returning! Huge thank you to Bluestone for asking us to become one of their #BluestoneBloggers we loved our break and we really appreciated their hospitality! Any questions please pop them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them!

Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to visit the swimming pool, which looked fantastic! Simply due to the pool’s supervision policy as I was alone with two children under four I wasn’t able to enter the pool alone, and actually quite rightly so, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Bluestone however were brilliant about this and offered at reception to arrange a lifeguard to accompany us! Next time, we will most definitely do this. I also am desperate to visit the Bluestone onsite spa, and treat myself to some of the amazing looking treatments!

We will forever be flying the Bluestone Wales flag now, and of course dreaming of those very tasty lollipops!




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