Blog Card From Butlins Minehead: Day Two

We all slept well last night, possibly from all the travelling.. and in fact, we had to almost drag Gabriel out of bed at 9am so we could go for breakfast!

The dining hall was really quiet and very relaxed. We had a nice breakfast of fruit and yoghurt, then boiled eggs, beans, toast and veggie sausages. The food again was nice and the kids made a MESS! But, what’s great about Butlins is.. the staff don’t mind and are so lovely about cleaning up for you! 20140401-211133.jpg20140401-211143.jpg20140401-211150.jpg
After breakfast we had a walk around the resort, then went to the toddlers funfair. Willow hasn’t been on any rides before, and at fifteen months we were slightly worried she was too little, but with big Brother Gabriel to hold her hand, she was absolutely fine. In fact, she loved it! They both rode all the cars, trains and helicopters they could find!

The toddler’s funfair is great and thankfully, all included in your holiday price! We had a lot of fun and with quite a few to choose from it takes the kids a while to get bored! We then decided to have a walk through the main funfair (so Mummy could have a few rides too!) Gabriel spotted a mini pirate ship and luckily as he is now almost a meter tall he could ride with me. He loved it, and was very proud of himself!


Next we all went on the Carousel, Daddy and Willow had to ride in the carriage but Gabe and I went on a horse for a ‘race’ he giggled the while way round. It was very sweet!




After a brief chill-out we all went swimming. The pool at Minehead is good and there’s loads to do, it’s perhaps not massively aimed at toddlers though, and Gabriel went a large proportion of his time feel frustrated he could not ride on the ‘boats’ (kayaks) and the big slides! He did however show off his excellent swimming skills and coped really well with the lazy river and water sprays!

We went for an early dinner so we’d have time to have a quick walk before Butlins new show for 2014, Scooby Doo started. We were really impressed with the sets and the show’s quality and we enjoyed it! Back at the apartment now for a few wines and planning tomorrow’s escapades!






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