Blog Card From Butlins Minehead: Day Three

Day three already! This holiday is going far too fast! Today we ate our breakfast leisurely and then went for a play in the outdoor play area. Gabriel loves the pirate themed playground so much, especially the huge slide which, when wet makes a very fast ride!

We then had a walk into the Pavillion to watch the puppet show, at Puppet Castle. It was really good fun, Willow loved the dancing bears and all the singing!



Gabriel said he wanted to go to the ‘trains’ next, so we headed to the indoor tots funfair again. Willow rode all the rides again with him and they laughed so much on them, especially the cars ride!

After the funfair we decided to have a wander into Minehead, in the hope Willow would sleep in the pram because she was exhausted! As we’ve been here before, we knew the route, straight along the front, which is a really pleasant walk, even though the weather was cold and misty, the beach was still pretty! There were lots of diggers on the beach shifting the sand, Gabriel was very excited!


We walked through the town and had a mooch in a few of the shops. There was one shop we wanted to go to in particular. It’s a toy shop called Exmoor Teddy Bears, it’s such a lovely little shop and we’d planned to buy something for Gabriel and Willow. Last time we were here, we bought Gabriel an Iggle Piggle toy, he was only about six weeks old at the time, but we still have it and play with it a lot! So today, after much deliberation from Gabriel (Willow was asleep, so he chose for them both) we purchased a large Thomas the Tank Engine, and two small Peppa Pig toys, a George the Pirate and the elephant. They’re very cute, and it’s nice to have a ‘souvenir’ from the holiday I think!

20140403-103128.jpgWe walked in a loop around the centre, then headed to my favourite place in Minehead. The Creamery. It’s a 1930/40’s themed tea room. The decor, the music and the feel of the place is inviting, and they even have retro highchairs! It’s so lovely, and more importantly they serve the most fantastic cake! I ordered a cream tea, and the kids had, of course ‘chocolate cake Mummy!’. 20140402-220512.jpg



On the walk back to the resort we went to visit the steam trains at the Somerset railway station. Sadly the steam trains weren’t running, so we had a walk onto the platform to view the train instead. Gabriel clutched his Thomas toy as he ran up and down pointing out all the trains and the track. It was very sweet, he loves trains so much!



Back at Butlins we had another wander into the ‘big funfair’ a few of the rides were having maintenance but we managed to have a few rides and I even
went on the waltzers, which was fun!
I love the traditional feel of the Butlins fairground it’s actually very calming, and they have the retro feel just right.
Gabriel decided to have a bounce on the trampolines. He was sceptical at first, then soon began jumping and bouncing as high as he could! We even did some nursery rhymes whilst he bounced, which he loved.

We had an hour or so to chill out after our action packed morning, so we had baths and the kids played with their trains, and new toys in the apartment. For dinner we had vegetable pie then ice cream, and it was really nice. Willow managed to make the biggest mess ever though! Gabriel loves going to the buffet restaurant and choosing his dinner and breakfast. He’s growing up so fast, it amazes me!





Wednesday’s show in the Skyline pavilion was Mike the Knight. Gabriel loves him and so we knew we would enjoy the show. It was presented by two redcoats, along with Mike and some friends, Gabriel loved dancing along and was very excited to see one of his favourite characters on stage!

We decided to have a walk around the pavilion, then have an early-ish night. There was however time for a quick selfie, and some 2p slot games before bed!
Tomorrow, is Thomas day and our last full day of the holiday. Can’t wait to see the puppet show too. We have two very excited toddlers!


Oh, and highlight of my day? Winning this little Care Bear toy in a ‘grabber’ machine! Yay!



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