Blog Card From Butlins Minehead: Day One!

Well we arrived safely here at Butlins in Minehead!

We drove here from Yorkshire in about six hours, and I think that we were about twenty-five minutes into the journey before Gabriel was travel sick! We had another incident about two hours in too. So yes, the car stinks of puke. Brilliant!

We stopped for lunch at one of the Midlands service station and sat and ate our packed lunch! Yes, I’m turning into my Mother. I hate having to stop
at service stations and buy overpriced sandwiches or dried-out chips for the kids. So I’ve started making our own, and not only this, I packed them in special cardboard lunchboxes (special thanks to Asda cafe..) so they kids think they are getting something special. Sneaky Mummy! But, it works a treat!
After a quick play on a bus, it was time to get back on the road!


After six hours we arrived at Minehead. It should have been about five, but there was a slight issue concerning my Husband and google maps regarding the destination postcode! As we had booked a deluxe apartment, we had out own dedicated reception, so our check in was easy, quick and painless.

I’m really delighted with our accommodation. It’s lovely, we’ve a lounge and two bedrooms and the fixtures and fittings look new. We even had a towel pig on the bed to greet us! I think it’s definitely worth paying that little bit extra for a gold/deluxe room, especially when you are holidaying with toddlers, and living space is a must!


We headed for dinner tonight at the Quayside restaurant. Again, we were really impressed. The quality of the food and cleanliness of the restaurant was good. Perhaps it was because it wasn’t overly busy, but the staff were lovely and we had a nice meal. The veggie options were nice, and the kids especially loved the chocolate cake!20140331-223927.jpg20140331-223933.jpg
After dinner we went to the amusements and spent some of our 2ps! (Yes, again I’m turning into my Mum. I’ve been saving all the 2p and 10p coins for ages so we could bring them for the machines. I have £19.44 in total!). The kids love the ‘penny falls’ type machines so it was good fun. They also had a ride on the mini-teacups! 20140331-224300.jpg20140331-224309.jpg20140331-224321.jpg20140331-225840.jpg

We went into Centre Stage for the welcome disco and had a good dance! Then it was time for the ‘Katy Perry’ type cabaret. This was good fun and enjoyable to watch! Gabriel and Willow were clearly over-tired so we came back to the apartment (via the Butlins iconic deckchair for a late-night photo) and attempted to put them to bed. Finally at 10:25pm Willow gave in! Oh well, we are on holiday! 20140331-230241.jpg20140331-230330.jpg
I’m just enjoying a few glasses of wine, and then it’s bed for me. I can’t wait for breakfast in the morning, and we’ve a busy day planned with messy play, swimming and a Mike the Knight show!


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