Blog Card From Butlins Minehead: Day Four

Our final day in Minehead! The four days have gone so fast, and although we are all sad the holiday has come to an end, it will be nice to be at home in our own beds!

Today we had an early breakfast so we could get ourselves to the Skyline Pavillion to watch the Thomas and Friends show. We have seen it before a few years ago, so know that this is a popular show so it’s best to arrive early to ensure we (Mummy) get a seat! As last time, the show was fantastic, full of songs, dancing and fun. I very much recommend this show to any Thomas (or trains) fan! The moment when Thomas appears from the station is wonderful, and the Children’s faces are a picture!

Both Willow and Gabriel loved the show so much. Before the show they made Thomas flags with the Redcoats, and they spent much of the morning waving them about shouting Thomas! The show is repeated after the ‘Fat Controller photo opportunity’ and because the kids had loved the show so much, we stayed and watched it again!


After a show-filled morning, we headed again, for the last time to the funfair and had some more rides and bouncing on the trampolines. we were all pretty tired so we called at the bakery for some lunch and went back to the room for a rest. Gabriel had a huge nap and I dozed, so Dave took Willow out for a walk in an attempt to try settle her!

For dinner we had vegetable stew, Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes, followed by lemon cheesecake, again it was very nice! After eating we went back to the Skyline Pavillion to watch the ‘Skyline Gang’ show. The quality of this show again was great and Willow especially loved it! Gabriel mainly sat and played games on the iPad, but at least they were educational!

After the show we went and had a few well-earned drinks in the bar, I had some vodka and Dave had Worthingtons. The creamy top caused some controversy and confusion however as Gabriel thought it was a milkshake and became very upset that he could not drink it! This then meant a trip over to Burger King and the purchase of a strawberry milkshake! After another drink and a few rounds of nursery rhymes and dancing to keep them entertained we headed over to the amusements for a few last games on the slots. Gabriel and Willow loved it and I even won two more teddies in the grabber machines (I’m getting good..)


Two toddlers in bed and a bottle of wine later we got some sleep ready for the 10am check out and breakfast. We’ve had a great midweek tots break, and when asked Gabriel and Willow to raise their hands if you’ve had a good holiday I think the proof is in the pudding!



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