A Little Holiday to Haven Golden Sands, Mablethorpe


Last week I decided to book a last-minute break to Mablethorpe, so off we travelled to Lincolnshire to endure some British sunshine. We stayed in a static caravan which was housed on Golden Sands, the Haven site. I have stayed on a Haven site before and so knew what to expect. However, I have to say this particular site really is pretty. The caravan was on the west of the site and had gorgeous views of the local greenery. The site is well maintained, and clean which as a parent of toddlers I was very glad to see!

Our journey to Lincolnshire went without a hitch (no travel sickness, yay!) and on arrival the kids entered the caravan in a flurry of excitement. They LOVED it! We have stayed in a caravan a few times now and for some reason the kids really really enjoy it. Although it wasn’t a small van, it’s certainly much smaller than our real home but perhaps that’s the appeal. Everything is within reach and they can run about to their heart’s content!?!

The kids played as I unpacked the car, then we decided to go for a walk to explore the site before my Tesco grocery delivery arrived (I would highly recommend doing this!) We wandered around the site, I purchased my ‘fun pass’ (a very reasonable £21) and then we spotted a rather comfy looking seat outside the bar area, with some toys on the lawn. We headed over, I purchased a rose wine and sat relaxing in the sun whilst the kids played. It was heavenly!
After a spot of ‘Connect Four’ (toddler style..) and my wine, we went back to the caravan for some food and an early night, we were all exhausted! The caravan was comfy and we all slept well which was a relief.

On Tuesday morning we woke up and had breakfast in the caravan together, then got ready to visit the local seal sanctuary. The sanctuary is about five minutes walk from the park, and it’s also where the nearest beach is, so it’s in a great spot! En route to the sanctuary Gabriel spotted the cutest land train. Of course, due to my children’s love of trains, we decided to take a ride into town (£1 each, even kids) and we had great fun! The train plays well-known train themed music (think Thomas, Driver Dan etc) all of which both Gabriel and Willow loved. The train even has a little lift at the rear enabling my iCandy Peach pram to ride too! After a twenty minute ride we decided to have a walk around Mablethorpe ‘town centre’. It’s not huge, or particularly modern (but that’s what we love about our seaside towns isn’t it!). The weather was glorious, and the beach is very pretty too, I’d definitely recommend visiting if you have not been!

After a quick coffee and a return ride on the land train we headed back to the seal sanctuary. After a £6 entrance fee I wasn’t expecting great things, but actually it was great! On arrival we were greeting by some gorgeous and rather cute seals splashing about and having great fun, the kids adored them, shouting ‘Hello seals!’ and ‘Look Mummy it’s a Mummy and a Daddy seal!’ It was very sweet. After watching the seals, we walked around the sanctuary looking at all the other animals and fun dinosaur artefacts they house. Willow especially loved the guinea pigs, meerkats and the birds. Gabriel liked the huge seal pool and the rabbits. We had a good couple of hours looking at all the animals so it was certainly £6 well spent!

After a morning we walked back to the caravan, grabbed our swimming gear and made our way to the swimming pool at Haven. Golden Sands pool is great, it has an indoor and an outdoor pool with a few slides too. We had fun at the pool (once Willow had warmed up) the pool isn’t the warmest, but you do get used to it! Gabriel and Willow loved the pool and enjoyed swimming with their arm bands on, splashing each other and jumping in. It was a fun hour of the holiday, but rather hard work!


On Wednesday the weather was still hot, so we decided to go to the beach. After a struggle with the pram (if you have a pram go to the beach IN TOWN) we finally got settled and prepared for a few hours in the sun. We paddled in the sea, made sand castles and had a picnic. It was a lovely day. Gabriel and Willow loved the sand, Willow as usual decided to try eat it, but luckily I finally convinced her the crisps we had were much more tasty! The kids looked very cute on the beach and played nicely together. Willow received lots of attention due to her very cute Itsy Bits Boutique frilly pants too!

We went out for dinner to the onsite pub after our beach day, I had a mushroom and spinach burger, which was really nice. I was quite surprised at the quality of the food in the bar and it was reasonably priced. Their vegetarian selection wasn’t amazing, but for children they did have veggie fingers, something I’ve rarely seen on a pub menu, and whilst not massively ideal, the kids loved them along with their chips and baked beans! The portions were big, but they just have worked up an appetite at the beach because they both scoffed the meal down quickly!

After dinner we went to the tots disco and had a boogie to some ‘dance hits’. Gabriel loved it. Willow became tired quickly, and after briefly gaining a second wind after the purchase of her very own flashing microphone (£3) it was time for bed. The entertainment was of a decent standard. It did a job, and the staff certainly had lots of energy! Gabriel impressed me with his ability to immediately ‘play’ with the other kids and he seemed confident in talking to others too. I was very proud of him. He is definitely growing up too fast!


Thursday was a chilled out day enjoying the Haven site, we went to the big adventure playground, the fair and the shops and amusements (2p slots rule!). The kids loved the park area and had a lot of fun on the huge yellow slide, the see saws and the swings. We decided to grab some lunch, and went to the local Spar shop. The kids wanted cake for lunch. I pondered. But, we were on holiday so I thought why not! We took the slices of chocolate fudge cake and sat in the sun eating it. The kids got very messy, but they enjoyed themselves. One thing I’ve learned from my own parents is, treats on special occasions, make fantastic memories. I really hope they remember the fudge cake in the sun moment, as it was magical.

After a spot more playing, and I’d eaten my veggie club sandwich from the bar (this was really nice!) we went back to the caravan to play in the paddling pool in an attempt to cool off.

I dug out the paddling pool that I’d purchased from the pound shop, and laughed. It was so tiny! I blew it up anyway, and the kids loved it! They played with their Octonauts toys and had a fabulous time! Predictably the splashing turned into a huge water fight, and we all ended up soaking. The kids were in great spirits though and Willow especially loved throwing very cold water over my head!

We dryed off, are then decided to attend the tots disco and talent show. After watching a few little girls sing ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen (one girl whilst spinning a hula hoop on her arm, which was equally bizarre and indeed impressive!) and Gabriel ‘shooting’ every person in the bar with his Nemo bubble gun (£5.99) we went on our merry way.

We had a fantastic midweek break at Haven Golden Sands and I’d definitely recommend it (during term time, perhaps if your children are young enough). The entertainment are facilities may not be as good and as large as Butlins, but you get what you pay for, and actually I felt that Golden Sands was good value for money. Haven have certainly upped their game with their sites and entertainment since my last visit and I was impressed.

We were very lucky with the weather during our stay, perhaps if we’d have had rain it may have dampened (sorry) the break slightly. But, there’s still loads to do on site in the rain. We really loved the beach, the seal sanctuary and the swimming pool, I just hope we return one day!




  1. says

    Ahh it sounds like a fab holiday, I had like the paddling pool photo on Facebook, not realising it was taken here! I cannot wait to go, we’re going for seven nights but it sounds like there is lots of stuff to do. I must ask you about the tesco delivery, how does that work? Sounds like an awesome idea! Glad you had a fab time x

    • Michelle Crowther says

      Ah ace. You’ll love it. I just booked a delivery, using the address (postcode etc) of the park. The driver will call you on their arrival and you advise your caravan number- they’ll bring it to your caravan. Easy! So much cheaper than the onsite spar shop- and easy than packing stuff with you! (Book weeks in advance and you’ll get the slot you want too) x x

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