Spinning Out! Includes a rather amusing video!

This weekend I’ve had such great fun! I was invited to a very special bloggers event hosted by Direct Line Group who arranged for a group of us to go to Kettering to learn how to drive in icy conditions, and to basically have lots of fun having a skid-pan driving experience!

The event started early on Saturday morning, so it meant a stop over on Friday night with dinner and drinks too.
It was great to get away for a night after a tough week at work, and it was even better to catch up with my blogging friends Hayley, Rachel and Kip, and to also meet some other bloggers such as Penny, Catherine and Lilinha too.



We drank loads of wine and laughed, a lot. We also got very lost on Saturday morning after we’d all piled into Kip’s #bitchbus (..don’t ask!) trying to find the skid-pan driving location. If I never see Pipewell Road again, I will be very, very happy!

The skid-pan experience was great fun, we learned how to control and how to lose control of the cars in a controlled (ish) environment, and we also had time to have a good play around on the course with the cars and of course do lots of donut type spinning with the rather fun, rear wheeled drive car! (See the video below!).

Special thanks to Direct Line, Graham for organising the event, Corby Skid Control Centre for the tutorials and also to my amazing friends for all the fun!

I’ll be posting about the skid-pan driving experience separately with tips, tricks and more amusing videos, but for now here’s a sneak peek of my skidding and spinning, almost wiping out the whole crew, filmed by a brave Kip inside the car!



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