Have you ever felt real SPARKS?

Meeting someone for the first time is usually memorable occasion, whether you like the person, or not. If you think about all your non blood-related relatives, friends or colleagues I think it’s quite normal to remember where you were, what you said to each other and possibly even what you were both wearing at your first meeting. After all, first impressions count and they often provide us with an image and a certain opinion of our new acquaintance.

But, what about when you meet someone for the first time and sparks fly, you feel physically drawn to them and you just ‘know’ that they were meant to be in your life?

Now THAT is memorable!

I have wanted to write about this subject for a while, but somehow have never found the right words! I have this ‘thing’ you see, a connections-type thing. It usually involves all of the above feelings and happenings and it makes me feel good and alive, it makes me feel like there was a reason my meeting with that person had to happen, and it makes me feel momentarily well, quite magical!

Now I’m not talking about a sexual attraction, or even an attraction at all. I’m talking about a connection. A real, deep connection to a person. Knowing what they feel or think instinctively and understanding what they say, perfectly.
It’s somebody you don’t know, most likely that you’ve just met. It’s like the pull of a very strong magnet towards them both physically and emotionally. If you’ve experienced this then you’ll understand what I mean and if you haven’t, then perhaps you might wonder what on earth I’m talking about.

I’ll explain…

In my adult life this connection-type experience has happened to me on just six occasions and interestingly, out of those six occasions, three of the people involved only stayed in my life for less than an hour!

The people have been both male and female, and of differing ages. There has been no similarities of the type of person they seemed to be the only pattern has been the feeling I’ve had when I’ve been next to them, like an intense need and an extreme happiness to be in their company.

I’m not going to share with you the details of the six people and the circumstances, because I want to keep them special and to myself. But, I will attempt to describe one of them..

It was Glastonbury 2005. I was stood watching a Fatboy Slim DJ set, it was still light and my friend and I were stood together. It’s important to note here that I love Fatboy Slim, and had been looking forward to seeing him for months, so I was focusing all my energy on watching the stage, dancing and enjoying myself.

Suddenly a girl appeared and asked me if I had a lighter and we started chatting, nothing special, just general chit-chat about the Festival. She was with her friends and Boyfriend, just stood behind us. Immediately, I felt drawn to her, I felt like I knew her already, and that we were really close friends. There was so much energy and a spark between us, even though we were discussing something quite mundane.

I felt a real need to ask my her if she felt it too, but struggled for a few moments, wondering if it was entirely appropriate. But, I didn’t need to. After about five minutes, she told me herself. She said she felt like she’d been drawn to me and although had asked for a lighter, she actually had not needed one. Yes we were at a festival, but It wasn’t a drunken, ‘I love you sooo much’ moment, in fact we were pretty sober, nor was it entirely the most appropriate time to be chatting to someone new, especially due to the noise and the fact that we were both with other company!

We immediately swapped telephone numbers and pledged to keep in touch, then off she went. Looking back, I find it quite bizarre that I did that, I am quite stand-off ish with new people and the fact that I missed the whole gig talking to her still amazes me. I just felt like I could not help it. I had to be near her and talk to her.

We exchanged a few texts and even a few phone calls. She quite lived far away from me, and realistically it was doubtful we were going to meet up. So we went our separate ways. We both agreed to keep what happened quite amazing and carried on with our lives. I often wonder what happened to her and how she is. It’s like I miss the friendship we never had, which sounds ridiculous, but I do!

In some ways I wish social media could have been part of the story, would we have become good friends? Or wasn’t that meant to be? She has stayed with me though, but it baffles me as to why, and I often wonder what it was that created that encounter.

When I have had these experiences in my life, I liken it to a feeling of intuition, it’s like recognising someone you already know, but not by their looks or by previous knowledge of them. But by just, knowing them and needing to be near them.

So how can this be? How can I feel so strongly about a person straight away?

How can I miss someone I have never really known?

And how can I feel so drawn to someone, who lets face it, may irritate me for all I know?

I don’t know the answers. Perhaps it’s spiritual connection, like a uniting of souls. Maybe it’s a set synchronised feelings that have been pressed together, creating the sparks?

Whatever it is, it is an intense feeling. I really hope experience it again, because writing it down just does isn’t the same, that feeling a togetherness and a shared sense of familiarity really is wonderful.

Have you ever felt a real connection with someone you just met?

Do we have a selection of soul mates in life or is this something else? Tell me I’m not alone!



  1. says

    Would it be weird to say YES but mean someone you’ve only known online? I’ve never been very good at friends in ‘real life’ and can honestly, quite depressingly say, I don’t have any close friends who I see regularly.
    There have been and are people online who I do feel a connection with, more than anybody I’ve been able to get close to in real life, is this just a bit creepy or along the same lines? All the online people I’m talking about probably think I’m a freakhead ;)
    Wonderful post though – I get it. When I think about it there have been 2-3 people I have met in real life who I have genuinely clicked with but the friendships never happened and perhaps they should have done.

    Love this :)

    • Michelle Crowther says

      Yep. Totally agree with you. Online or in person, it’s the same. I’ve had it happen online once! So glad people don’t think I’m weird! :) thanks for commenting! x x

  2. says

    Yes! I get this. I think this is why I struggle to make friends generally. If people don’t click with me, I can’t pretend. I have met friends through situations as you describe, some have been and gone, others remain. When I met dan, in a dirty nightclub, we chatted and I just knew we’d be together. I agree with Beth that I have ‘ met’ some people online who I have then met and really click with. I believe that there must be something to it. Great post. X

    • Michelle Crowther says

      Yay! I cannot pretend either. It exhausts me and destroys my soul!!!!!! Can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks :):) Thanks for commenting x x

    • Michelle Crowther says

      Aw thanks Kip. Seems to be proving that I am not alone in my weirdness.
      Hope you’ve enjoyed your connections too.

  3. Renee says

    No, it doesn’t sound strange at all. I had my first experience like this (I’m 43 years old) this past October. You put it into words beautifully and I completely know what you mean. If one hasn’t experienced this it would be hard to relate or understand the feeling. I met someone this past October that I felt was an old soul that I had met before. I felt as if I had met my puzzle piece and as comfortable and warm as it felt it also scared the heck out of me. I felt ‘at home’ – like this person was part of my family, a yearning to be with him even though I’m already married. It wasn’t necessarily a sexual attraction but rather a mental one. He ‘got’ me – understood me, knew me and it scared me. It still does. I think about him every day and am torn trying to figure out ‘the reason’ why we’ve met. So many similar interests, a mirror of each other that I wonder if he read me like a book and manipulated me or if we could truly be that compatible? I’ve also met people on planes before that I’ve connected with but nothing like this. It’s an amazing feeling but again, it leaves me puzzled and in wonderment. Happy travels!

  4. Kelly says

    yeah, I completely get what your saying. I had a very strong connection with someone I met while I was on holiday and 4 months on, I still think about him like crazy no matter how much I try to stop even though I barely know him and its highly unlikely ill see or hear from him again, and I can honestly say as of yet, I haven’t felt such a strong connection with anybody as I have with him. I don’t even know if he would remember who I was anyway, but its good to have the memories I guess.

    • admin says

      Ah lovely Kelly, thanks for commenting. Get in touch with them?!! Or perhaps it was just meant to be a memory. Either way, it’s a wonderful experience. Hope you have many more! X

  5. says

    Love this post. I have often questioned this and have had similar experiences. I actually have a post in my drafts that is similar. I find certain people just create that spark. I am lucky that some have stayed and we have kept contact even if it has been a distance. Some, like you, have come and gone and I wonder about them. Sometimes I just “click” with someone instantly which for me is strange as it is very unlike me as I can be quite stand off ish. Glad that you linked with #bigfatlinky as this has definitely been a good read and made me feel less alone within this fact!!

  6. says

    I have never experienced this but it is something my wife often talks to me about. I find it very interesting to read and hear about. She certainly would agree with your every word. Thanks so much for sharing it and for linking up #bigfatlinky

  7. says

    What a great post, It is really strange when this happens and you always feel awkward asking if the other persons feels it too. – i always feel a bit restricted as I am actually quite shy under a big outgoing “personality” – Gonna ask a bit mor enext time it happens..

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