Fifty Sheds of Grey: Fundraising Cocktails for Matilda Mae

When I told my friend Gereana that I was fundraising for The Lullaby Trust in memory of Matilda Mae, by way of a skydive she immediately offered to help. Her Dad John (and Mum June) have recently built (from scratch) a huge shed in his garden. But inside it is much more than a standard shed, it’s a fabulous bar! It took months to build and decorate (fill with beer) but it’s finished and he has done a great job. It’s just like a traditional pub inside, it even has pork scratchings and bar stools!

Here is John inside the bar


John offered to host a fundraiser in memory of Matilda Mae and to also help me achieve my target for the Skydive. We have had a running joke that the shed is called, ‘Fifty Sheds of Grey’ and so it seemed appropriate (or not!) to call the fundraiser ‘Fifty Sheds of Grey: Cocktails for Matilda Mae’

We decided to make cocktails and sell them to our friends and Family. The theme was of course, pink and purple which are Matilda’s colours. We created a Facebook event, invited the guests, set the dress code and Gereana set about finding pink and purple decorations, cups, tableware and alcohol donations.

I set about making cupcakes, a bingo game and a pass the parcel! It was important for me to keep the pink and purple theme so I bought prize that were pink and purple, and wrapped the pass the parcel in pink and purple paper!


The company that Gereana works for (Provident Financial Services) kindly offered to match any funds we raised for The Lullaby Trust. How fantastic!

Gereana and John devised a list of cocktails for John to make using the donated alcohol. Gereana also sold her Vivian Westwood dress on Ebay to help pay for items too! I was so touched by her kindness! The cocktail list was amazing too!


The day arrived and I dressed in pink and purple! As did Dave, Willow and Gabriel. (and all the attendees!) My friend Lee even arrived dressed in women’s clothing, a pink vest top and a purple cardigan. Although, I secretly think he enjoys dressing as a woman.. but it just shows the effort people went to.










The bar looked amazing and John had made a pink ‘arrival punch’ too. It was gorgeous!



We set about working our way through the cocktails list and eating the cupcakes I’d made!



We played bingo, pass the parcel and everyone drank lots of cocktails!







It was a really wonderful evening and we will most definitely do it again sometime!

Special thanks to John and June for making the evening possible, to my wonderful friend Gereana for organising the event, and also my other fabulous friends for helping make the night a success! There were a few sore heads the next day, but definitely worth it!

I didn’t get chance to take as many photographs as I’d have liked due to the lighting inside the bar, so sorry to those I’ve missed!

The end of the night and the last ones standing!




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