Dear Matilda Mae

Letters for Matilda Mae

Dear Matilda Mae

It’s almost a year since you were so cruelly snatched away from your beautiful Mummy and your Family, but it seems like just weeks ago.

You are the reason Crowtherclan began, because this blog is dedicated to you.

I’ll never forget the night I read your Mummy’s blog post the day after you died. It was the most gut wrenching, sad and moving piece of writing I have ever read.

How could beautiful Tilda be gone?

You really were beautiful. Huge cheeky smiles and those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes just like Minstrels!

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It just seems so unfair, so surreal, so heart-breaking and when I learned your death was caused by SIDS and listened to your Mummy making a vow to make your little life matter, I knew I had to help her.

So we became Team Matilda Mae, we planned and jumped from 13,000 feet out of a plane in your honour. I shouted Hi to you as I left the plane, and I shall never forget the conversation I had with your Mummy once I’d landed.

‘Thank you’ she told me as she hugged me tightly, “..thank you for remembering Tilda, for blowing bubble kisses to her, and for shouting hello to her in the sky, it means so, so much” Your Mummy showed such great strength that day, and I know you are so proud of the legacy that she has made for you.

We also held a welly walk in your honour in November. It was such a wonderful day, a sea of pink and purple stars and bubbles just for you. It was lovely to meet your Daddy, and Esther and William, along with the rest of your Family and friends. It is so sad that of course though, the reason we were all there was because you were not.

There has been more than £25,000 to date raised in your name for The Lullaby Trust and Bliss and I am absolutely honoured to be able to call your Mummy my friend, she is so inspirational and has handled your death with such grace and dignity. I know that she struggles every day without you and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.

2014 sees more fundraising plans, a Mile in Memory in the North, The Matilda Mae Barn Dance both to be held in May and of course the #MMSkydive14 which is on the 2nd August in Nottingham. I am of course jumping again in your memory Tilda, and we have some lovely new members of the team jumping too.

Of course as well as the big events, there’s also lots of others making personal challenges in order to raise money for the Lullaby Trust and Bliss in your memory too. Your legacy extends and grows each day.

You really were, and always will be a Blog Baby!

But I want to say thank you to you Tilda. Thank you for showing me what love can do, thank you for opening my eyes to what blogging can be and is, and thank you for making your little life matter. I have met so many amazing friends, learned so much, re-evaluated my life, my goals and my dreams and it is all down to you. I simply cannot thank you enough for that.

You are so missed, so loved and I do not know a single Parent blogger who has not been affected by your story.

You will never be forgotten and I know one day you will be reunited with your Mummy. Back into her arms where you so, so belong.

On Saturday I will think of you, I will remember you and everything you are, and I will send so much love to your all Family.

Sleep tight little one x x





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