Bathtime Bathtime!


So the day came when we were able to bath both babies together! Until now Willow has been far too small for boisterous Gabriel to bath with! So at almost ten weeks, we tried it out. Amazingly Gabriel was very well behaved, and didn’t splash or moan that someone else was in his bath. He even helped me wash her! The full size bath gave Willow the opportunity to kick and stretch out in a way that is not possible in a baby bath it’s great to see her building confidence in the water. I genuinely think that the Water Babies swimming course we took has helped her relax in the water and made her enjoy bathtime much more. (Those early baths were hard work)

Dave and I enjoy bath time almost as much as the children do and a good bath time often leads to a smoother bedtime as they are already nice and warm and relaxed. This can make all the difference to behaviour the following day also, as a good night’s sleep will make them much more ‘chilled’ with more energy and a healthy appetite.

I am a very proud Mummy and I will cherish the photos of their baths together



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