A dedication to Matilda Mae

The reason I have started blogging is down the wonderful Jennie (@edspire) who sadly lost her 9 month old daughter, Matilda Mae to cot death last Saturday night.

This last week I have felt the absolute warmth & seen the wonderful connections and comfort that social media can bring in times of such sadness. Jennie has shared her heartache of losing her beautiful daughter with the world through her blog & Twitter and she is an absolute inspiration.

I have cried & cried through every touching post, Jennie has a wonderful way with words. I just cannot imagine the crushing pain she has endured- its heartbreaking. Jennie has spoken about how the world of Social media has helped a very sad Mummy feel slightly, ‘lighter’ which I think is an amazing thing. Her blog post entitled, ‘Born to be an angel’ is the most beautiful, and touching thing I have ever read.

I would like to dedicate my blog to Matilda. So her legacy lives on through me remembering how important it is to tell my children how much I love them everyday, and to document the fun (& the hard times) we go through together.

Rest in peace Matilda Mae- star of the sea xxxx




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