We’re in Cosmopolitan Magazine!

I’m so excited to announce that we are featured inside this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine! The reason for this is that we were contacted by a journalist via Twitter who was looking for Males who are more ‘beta’ than ‘alpha’. They wanted to interview several couples where the male in the relationship has a different role to their partner, and that role being a more ‘beta’ role. The article is based on the rise of the beta male and the alpha female, the main focus being a positive look at how women have become more ambitious perhaps in career, relationship or their life, and in turn how roles have been reversed in many households.

We were chosen of course, because of decision last September for Dave and I to swap roles and for him to become a stay at home Dad (SAHD) whilst I returned to work and became the sole earner in the house. The decision of course was not taken lightly, but due to redundancy looming and my two Maternity Leaves coming to an end it seemed like the obvious solution.
With the cost of childcare for two infants costing over £1750 (I KNOW!!!!) a month, which also involves having restrictions on timings and travel costs, plus neither of us seeing the Children very much, it seemed logical for one of us to be at home and for us to tighten our belts a little! (Well, a little!)

It’s been six months now since we made that decision and we both think it’s worked well. It’s certainly been an interesting experience seeing the ‘other side’ and we’ve found we have more empathy with the other and their responsibilities! Dave has certainly realised it’s hard work being at home with two toddlers full time and doing housework or jobs at home is tough going, whereas I have realised how tiring working full time and coming home to a busy and often manic household actually is!

We are so pleased to have been included in the Cosmo article (well, maybe me more so than Dave)
as I have bought the magazine for years and years, so it’s great to be featured in it, especially as I know it sells over half a million copies each month, and is the largest selling young women’s magazine in the world!!

So, have a read of the article above! Or better still go purchase a copy and read the full magazine!




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